VDA demands strong expansion of electric car loading infrastructure

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VDA demands strong expansion of electric car loading infrastructure-strong

The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) has led to policy “Recommendations for a successful startup of the loading infrastructure for electric vehicles by 2030″. Without electromobility, the ambitious goal of sustainable mobility, as required by legislation in Europe, can not be achieved. For a successful market hood of e-mobility, the fast and sustainable expansion of the charging infrastructure is the most important prerequisite, so the association in a recent communication. Against the background of ambitious goals is the current stock of 17.400 public charging points in Germany “absolutely insufficient”. For comparison: At the end of 2018 there was already about 330 in China.000 publicly accessible charging points.

The National Platform Future of Mobility is in its current calculations of about seven to 10.5 million electric vehicles in the inventory in 2030. According to today’s specifications of the EU AFID Directive (alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive), there is a need for 700 in the public area.000 up to one million normal load points and additionally 70.000 to 100.000 fast load points. For the private sector in 2030, eight to eleven million charging points are required.

The required startup of the charging infrastructure can be divided into two phases that should be designed specifically: at short notice, from today to the beginning of 2020, it should be the goal, in particular by a strong construction of the publicly accessible charging infrastructure the necessary trust of customers into the electromobility Win: Already in this early market wrecking phase, a charging infrastructure is required in public space over the current demand. This infrastructure is as fast as possible and to build up visible. Here are customer perception and construction of customer confidence in e-mobility in the foreground.

At the latest from mid 2020, the compatible framework conditions must be created to achieve a continuous, demand-oriented expansion of the infrastructure. Private charging points and also charging points in the workplace are in focus. For this purpose, funding programs should be made available and the regulatory framework conditions should be adapted.

VDA recommendations for better charging infrastructure

Overall, there are different financial measures and regulatory regulations as the charging operations take place in different places. The VDA therefore recommends the following points for implementation:

  • Coordinated, overarching approach to federal, state and local governance to the loading infrastructure structure, U. a. Coordination Loading infrastructure expansion by the federal government, cross-site coordination, implementation monitoring, status information
  • Creation of legal specifications, u. a. Specification Construction objectives and times, enabling a “right to charge” by adjusting the rental and residential property right, charging point specifications for building equipment and building energy efficiency policy. The requirements for commercial vehicles should also be included.
  • Removal of practical barriers, u. a. Acceleration and simplification of approval procedures, nationwide requirements, simplification and transitional regulations of the calibration law and adjustment of the charging column ordinance
  • Impact Financial promotion, U. a. through short-term conveying calls for public and private charging infrastructure, relief at the drive price
  • Simplification of the funding policy to the charging infrastructure, U. a. Packages for connection costs, as well as flexibilization of the access obligation

According to the VDA and its member companies, such a bundle is urgently needed to achieve a short-term and coordinated expansion of the charging infrastructure. Only consistent action of all responsible persons Germany can make a leading market of e-mobility.

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3 thoughts on “VDA demands strong expansion of electric car loading infrastructure”

  1. I think it’s really good for thought to the VDA. Especially what others have to do first until his members can finally work.

    I would have the daring suggestion that all members of the VDA, who had to make penalties in any form in recent years, to provide themselves available to the same amount.
    Thus, the thing would come to run much faster and out of the inside, from those who can last us everywhere charging stations can finally sell appropriate e-cars.

    It really is not difficult.

  2. One wonders why the rulers are waking up now. In Germany, the all-encompassing total plan must always be complained and disputed by all parties and actors, instead of just starting with the first step.

    That the VDA is so clear what is the ownership is very welcome. Just ask how long it takes until it takes the private potential buyers the safety gives a charging cable also to lay over the sidewalk without being rehearsed or sued by evil neighbors.

  3. Providing demands on politics is useful, especially with regard to the revision of legal framework conditions.
    With the call to state promotion, the VDA is already very easy.

    How about VDA, you work with your member companies a common plan, agree to a simple payment concept and undertake to promote the expansion of charging infrastructure. For example, in which your member companies equip each car dealership with multiple charging columns. This would quickly increase the number of public charging columns and at the same time demonstrating the good will to be interested in the electrification of mobility.


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