VDA demands “Turbo when expanding the loading infrastructure”

VDA demands

The new federal government wants to create it by 2030 to bring 15 million fully electric cars to the German roads. The predecessor coalition spoke of only seven to ten million – and also counted plug-in hybrids with one. So the traffic lights wants to initiate the wide breakthrough to the fully electricity, so much is clear. That this is not only politically a mammary task, but also for the economy, is also obvious. The President of the Association of the Automotive Industry, Hildegard Muller, has now signaled to go through this path.

“The new government coalition has submitted an ambitious program for transformation to a climate-neutral economy and society. This task must succeed, “says Muller in a current message of the VDA. And the “mega task” in terms of electromobility is the infrastructure. Because to achieve the 15 million e-cars at all, “would already be able to drive any other newly approved car in 2022 in a manner. So that this can work in practice, it needs “a turbo when expanding the charging infrastructure: More charging points in the private environment, in the trade, on the petrol stations and on the public roads.”

In addition, it requires “in particular with suppliers accompanying funding for the transition and support for the transformation of the companies to maintain jobs in Germany.”The VDA also refers to the relevance that could occupy alternatives to the battery car such as hydrogen drive or e-fuels. Therefore, “also the expansion of hydrogen economy and the high-emission of the ecostroman division in Germany by 2030 to 80 percent take place at a faster speed”.

The statements formulated in the coalition paper on the meaning of E-Fuels must “still be concretized and formulated”, the highest lobby association of the German auto industry. “Only with e-fuels can we reach the climate goals, this applies in Germany and especially worldwide,” Muller is quoted in the message. Therefore, it is already “ambitious odds for e-fuels, also to address the stock of vehicles”. The VDA would welcome when Germany would be “European pioneer” at E-Fuels “.

Equally important is a “rapid expansion of the production of strategically important components in Germany and Europe”, with which VDA is able to look at the largest single items in the e-auto value chain: the battery. “We have to become independent of Asia and other regions,” said VDA. So far, suppliers from South Korea and China dominate the battery life market. “Also raw material partnerships – incl. The generation of renewable energies – must be at the top of the new government agenda, “concluding VDA.

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3 thoughts on “VDA demands “Turbo when expanding the loading infrastructure””

  1. Huh, what happened there? If the boss is actually awakened by the VDA and realizes reality? Now only someone would have to go with a defibrillator to zip ..

  2. BEV = yes

    FCEV = no

    E-Fuels = No

    Green hydrogen is used in industry and e-fuels in air and shipping.

    In the high demand for eco flow, which there are worldwide, if the climate catastrophe is to be prevented and the still low eco electricity guts, it can not be responsible to waste the green electricity with incoming vehicles.

  3. The expansion of intelligent charging stations must be promoted at home especially at home. If in German residential quarters, which are delivered with cars, all want to load all electrically, then a lot of intelligence is in demand. On highways, especially Power and little intelligence. Of course, I ask myself if that applies to the drivers. &# 128578;


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