VDA: Every fourth new car drives electric

VDA: Every fourth new car drives electric-drives

The automotive association VDA has drawn a sobering annual balance sheet. The German car market was shrunk by 10 percent in 2021, it says in a message. A big role has played Habei supply bottlenecks. The only bright spot: each fourth newly authorized car is now an electric vehicle.

In December, according to the association in Germany 227.600 cars released. According to already significant burglaries in the previous months, the number of car new registrations was also declined in December compared to the same month last year (-27 percent). After the highest reached in the previous year in the previous year, significant production declines in December 2021 had further pressed the sales figures due to missing semiconductors. “Significantly positive growth rates could be achieved in the first half of the year due to Lockdown in the previous year, the complete second half of 2021 was characterized by declines in double-digit heights,” said VDA. In the full year 2021, the car domestic market came to a volume of 2.6 million. Car and was thus 10 percent below the first “corona year” 2020.

Electrical new registrations (BEV, PHEV and FC) have fallen slightly in December 2021 – compared to the same month of the previous year by two percent to a level of 81.200 units. The new registrations of plug-in hybrids (PHEV) was therefore 16 percent back, purely battery electric vehicles (BEV) continued to develop dynamically with an increase of 11 percent. The proportion of E-cars to the entire new registrations was 35.7 percent according to VDA in December. This has again exceeded the previous maximum from the previous month. In the course of the year 681.900 electric cars released (+73 percent). This corresponds to an electrical component of 26 percent for the full year 2021. In Germany, more than every fourth newly authorized cars was equipped with an electric drive. German Group brands reached a market share of 65 percent in the domestic market in the e-segment.

At the locations of the car manufacturers in Germany, according to VDA in December 256.200 cars from the band (-11 percent). This reduced the production level to the seventh month in a row in a double-digit height. Accordingly, the car domestic production remained in the full year 2021 with 3.1 million. Units clearly under the corona-added previous year’s level (-12 percent) and reached the lowest production volume since 1975, it says. Similar to the production, the export developed: In December 206.800 cars delivered to customers from all over the world (-11 percent). For the full year, German car exports are 2.4 million. Vehicles also clearly in minus (-10 percent).

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3 thoughts on “VDA: Every fourth new car drives electric”

  1. The tendency of the e-car settings is pleasing. Unfortunately, predominantly high-priced E-cars are at the start. Here something has to change in favor of small and lower middle class E cars. It can not and may not be that the E-SUVs dominate. Also the previous leasing models in the field of e-cars with 7.500 – 10.000 km P.a. are more suitable for timecars. Driving performance of 15.000 – 30.000 km, here the e-car leasing conditions can not keep up with the burners. So the young families and the rural population are suspended.
    Real e-mobility is a hobby for people who can afford or want.


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