VDA Loading Net Ranking: “We need more pace”

VDA Loading Net Ranking:

Germany continues to have a lot of recovery demand in the expansion of publicly accessible charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. This is apparent from an investigation of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). The current update of the VDA-e-loading network rankings show that the expansion in some regions continues to be very sluggish, while some cities and municipalities refreshed, it says in a message. “While around 55 per month.000 E-cars are released in Germany, the number of public charging points weekly grow only by about 250 “, it says in the position of the VDA. In fact, however, around 2000 new charging points per week would be needed and thus a recharging of the expansion speed. Stand 1. October would be in Germany on average 21 E-car to a public charging point.

There are currently 48 in Germany.717 publicly accessible charging points – of which 7053 fast load points are. VDA President Hildegard Muller: “The ambitious goals of the new Federal Government – up to 15 million electric vehicles up to 2030 – increase the pressure on the expansion of the loading infrastructure.”In doing so, the publicly accessible charging points is particularly important. “So that the goals can be achieved, the state must act determined when expanding the charging infrastructure.”

Energy supplier as well as mayor and landlords would have to better coordinate the local construction, so Muller. You would know the needs on the ground best. A nationwide and powerful charging infrastructure is the most important prerequisite for people increasingly to change to e-mobility. You would have to trust that you can load your e-car everywhere and at any time. “We need more pace everywhere!”

The VDA-Loading Ranking is based on the official data of the Federal Corporation Office and the Federal Network Agency. What is reported here is entered into the evaluation divided into three areas:

The T value indicates how many E cars have to share a publicly accessible charging point. Here Salzgitter could defend his top place. Behind this follow the Saale-Orla circle and the district of Uckermark. A look at the federal states gives the T-value the following order: Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It follows Schleswig-Holstein, rank 6, and Bremen ranked 7. Lower Saxony leads the lower half with rank 8. Behind: Bavaria, Brandenburg, Berlin, Baden-Wurttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, Hesse.

Above all, the new federal government wants to expand the rapid store network. With the newly introduced S value, the VDA loading network ranking for the first time shows how many E-cars currently have a quick loading point with more than 22 kW. The top spot in the new S-ranking occupies the district Altenburger Land (Thuringia). Follow the salt country circle (Saxony-Anhalt) and the Saale-Orla-Kreis (Thuringia).

The A value designates the basic attractiveness of the shop network in the district or the city. He sets the number of publicly accessible charging points to all cars allowed in the district or the city. In the A-value ranking, the city of Wolfsburg has defended its top place. In second place is Ingolstadt. Passau follows on the third place.

Especially dynamically, the charging point expansion in the last three months in the district of Ravensburg, where 145 new charging points were reported. It follows Cologne with 117 new charging points in front of Ingolstadt with 95 new charging points. At quick loading expansion is the district of Munich with 32 new points in front. Behind Berlin with 23 new points. 16 new fast-wheel points each were reported in the Main-Kinzig circle in Hesse and in the district of Regensburg.

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4 thoughts on “VDA Loading Net Ranking: “We need more pace””

  1. Good, at least that the VDA slowly drives the topic. It is still in time. Now something has to happen. Because the frequency driving cars are not yet on the market.

  2. Why, Dear VDA are you screaming for the state when it comes to expanding the loading infrastructure? Does the state have to regulate everything? Deserve the automotive industry! So please take care of yourself about the loading options, as Tesla suits without state promotion. And if the automotive industry is already snoring at the store infrastructure, at least the energy suppliers should create charging options. They also want to cancel. The state has more important tasks in pandemeal times than to support the automotive industry with taxpayers. Do not complain, dear VDA, but act!


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