VDA: US plans for e-car damage German manufacturers

VDA: US plans for e-car damage German manufacturers-e-car

The automotive association VDA fears disadvantages for German manufacturers in the USA. The actual drafts for tax incentives currently discussed there When purchasing E-cars, vehicles from local and European locations would severely discriminate and discriminate against German manufacturers on site, says in a message. The grants should be bound to local added value for current status and have a representation of US unions in the companies as a condition.

VDA President Hildegard Muller criticizes the unilateral promotion: tax incentives for the transition to e-mobility are to be welcomed, but would also be fair and effective. “We therefore explicitly appeal to the decision-makers in the United States to rethink the present plans and not to discriminate manufacturers.”

According to VDA, the proposals should be the buyers of E-vehicles tax releases up to 12.Enable 500 US dollars. If the law is said goodbye, only two models of promotion offered on the market would be benefited from currently over fifty in the market. These are exclusively for models of American manufacturers. The vast majority of the E-vehicles offered in the US market – so also the products offered by German manufacturers, would be excluded from full promotion, so Muller.

While for the models produced in the US models of German manufacturers, only the significantly lower basic promotion would arise (currently $ 4,000 will be discussed), imports will receive any promotion from 2027. Against this background, 25 ambassadors had protested from the US international trading partners in a joint writing against these proposals. Among other things, it is warned that the US would violate the WTO World Trade Organization.

The VDA shares this criticism. “One-sided funding criteria contradict the transatlantic cooperation that we should intensify instead of breaking out,” says Muller. New commercial conflicts would have to be avoided in any case. For example, the US suggestions in contrast to the promotion of e-mobility in Germany, where equally import models are subsidized. Currently the proportion of imports in the models funded in Germany are 67 percent, in which models of German manufacturers produced abroad are included. Muller: “We need imports, but want to export.”

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2 thoughts on “VDA: US plans for e-car damage German manufacturers”

  1. Question: Why are the European BEV excluded from the US promotion?

    Answer: Because they are not mounted in the US.

    Then I find this restriction correctly. And that makes the EU also about customs duties. They are high if the vehicle is not mounted in the EU . BEV promotion is made with taxpayers and then the state (= we all) should also benefit in the form of jobs.Tesla has therefore mounted in Tillburg, Honda in England (until Brexit) and Toyota in Belgium. And Tesla has built exactly this a work in Brandenburg.

    Not all the manufacturers on this planet have to rock their vehicles around the world so that they are available on every market. This ruins our co-world and the climate. Dear Electric Car News: Please research better. The article is tendency and incomplete

  2. Was not there anything with a motorway ..??
    Incidentally, I am austrian, so come from the country, which was particularly appealed by the German Transport Minister at that time. Only not only the foreigners pay the toll, but also their own population!


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