VDIK expects 2022 important turns for the E-Market

VDIK expects 2022 important turns for the E-Market-expects

The association of international motor vehicle manufacturers (VDIK) based in Germany sees a key year for the alternative drive forms in 2022. The numerous political decisions, which are available this year in Germany, would therefore be crucial for the further success of the alternative drives, as emphasized in a press release. “After electric cars have made market breakthrough, it will be important to become attractive for the majority of car buyers.”Explains Reinhard Zirpel, President of the Association. The new traffic light government must therefore put all the important course in the first half of the year.

As the most important lever, Zirpel refers to the purchase bonus and the faster expansion of the loading infrastructure. The former was extended by Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck until the end of 2022, but 2023 is a new regulation. The VDIK explicitly warns that the environmental bonus can be tapped too much degressively in the coming years. Instead, the bonus should be considered beyond 2025 beyond. Otherwise, the goal of 15 million electric cars would be unattainable on Germany’s streets by 2030. In addition, the VDIK calls for bureaucracy reduction in promotion. Depending on the purchase price, drive type and leasing period there are currently 16 different funding rates. “If the promotion is becoming more complicated, then fewer electric cars come across the street. Keep it simple, so must the motto.”, Emphasizes Zirpel.

As far as the further expansion of the charging infrastructure is concerned, Germany could no longer afford further delays or friction losses. At the destination, you look very afterwards, over 90 percent of the charging infrastructure needed up to 2030 must only be built. Since many charging pillars still do not have to operate economically, the VDIK sees a funding requirement of several billion euros in the coming years.

Generally, the VDIK assumes that the automotive market will recover in 2022. You expect a new admission volume of around 3 million cars. That would be an increase of 15 percent compared to 2021, in which the market is unexpectedly broken. 850.000 electrically powered cars are to be released 2022, which already corresponds to almost a third of the total volume. The stock of electric cars could grow to around 2 million by the end of 2022.

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  1. What is not considered in the article is the electricity price. The signals from politics would probably expect significant increases in electricity prices in DE in the next few years. This should be M.E. also play a role in the buying decision per e-car, especially if you have to charge primarily to public charging columns> 0.45 € and no way must be at home over the PV system or at least over a private wallbox to load. There is a more economical diesel for some definitely an alternative.


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