Video: Electric moped Govec’s Elmoto Loop in the test

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Absolutely silent and 45 km / h fast

Video: Electric moped Govec's Elmoto Loop in the test-govec

The Govecs Elmoto Loop should actually be a useful commuter mobile. But in the video I am of the opinion: an electro-Moped is much better in the country. Especially for everyone over 16! Only very few city dwellers can understand how much "freedom" a moped means for a teenager. But the Elmoto Loop is a good moped at all?

First you have to understand what kind of vehicle this is. I call it a moped because it comes closest to that, but in the last few years a new class of light electric two-wheelers has emerged educated. There is simply no separate name for them.

Some models in this class, such as the Chinese Sur-ron X, are a mixture of mountain bikes and enduro bikes. The Elmoto Loop optically goes in a similar direction, but has been developed for street use. In the video, I still drive off-road most of the time. The Loop can do that surprisingly well!

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According to the manufacturer, the range of the e-moped should be 70 kilometers. That sounds fantastic and, unfortunately, is too good to be true. You can see how low the actual range is in the video. The lithium-ion battery (48 V / 37 Ah) charges up to 80 percent in two hours and to 100 percent in around 4.5 hours. My practical experience: It’s even a little faster. But the loading is unfortunately not entirely without weaknesses. This also applies to the attachment of the battery in the moped itself.

The electric two-wheeler is driven by a wheel hub motor on the rear wheel. The power is 2 kW, which is a little little on inclines, but is sufficient on a straight route to whir over 45 km / h. If it weren’t for the electronic limitation. The weight including the battery is 59 kilos and the gross vehicle weight is 140 kilos. The seat is pleasantly high, which drivers can be happy about 1.80 meters and drivers by about 1.60 meters.

Govec‘s Elmoto Loop

engine Gearless, brushless wheel hub motor with membrane-ventilated housing

power 2 kW

Top speed 45 km / h

battery Lithium-ion (48 V / 37 Ah), exchangeable

Number of seats 2

Electric range 70 km (according to the manufacturer) / 24.8 km (in the test)

Charging time 2 hours to 80% / 4.5 hours to 100%

Empty weight 59 kg (including battery)

length 1,895 mm

broad 716 mm

height 1,150 mm

drive Rear wheel drive

Base price 3,333 euros

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