Video: Kia EV6 (77.4 kWh) in the test – Lots of range

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4.8 kWh more battery capacity than the Ioniq 5. Sounds little, but makes a difference

Video: Kia EV6 (77.4 kWh) in the test - Lots of range-range

Until now, anyone who wanted an electric car for long-haul journeys could not avoid Tesla … or was a masochist. "No! Not true. Not that bad at all, you just have to have enough flasher fluid for the snuff socket …"

Something like that, it was always explained that long haul was possible. That may be true, but it wasn’t effortless. That’s our video shown with the Hyundai Ioniq 5. But after the first ride with the Kia EV6, it seems like we have the best non-Tesla Long-distance e-car found.

The EV6 is available in four drive-battery combinations. These include two rear-wheel drive vehicles and two all-wheel drive vehicles. Only the basic version has the 58 kWh battery, all others have a 77.4 kWh battery. The latter is slightly larger than the largest battery in the Hyundai Ioniq 5. But since the EV6 charges faster (up to around 240 kW, Kia does not yet communicate an exact value), the charging times are almost identical.

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What is special about the all-wheel drive system of all E-GMP vehicles is the mechanical clutch that separates the front electric motor from the axle when it is not in use. This prevents drag losses and should increase the range by six to eight percent. The EV6 has five recuperation levels.

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Video: Kia EV6 (77.4 kWh) in the test - Lots of range-test Video: Electric moped Govec’s Elmoto Loop in the test

The price: The EV6 is available from 44,990 euros. The net list price is less than 40,000 euros, which means that the car qualifies for the maximum subsidy. This applies to all versions, since the other variants are all declared as drive options. Regardless of whether you buy the basic version for around 45,000 euros or order the top GT version for 65,990 euros, you receive 9,570 euros environmental bonus. The EV6 Long Range AWD that has been driven therefore costs just under 43,000 euros after funding. Here, Kia has elegantly used a loophole that is likely to be well received by potential customers.

Orders start on October 23. Anyone who has already reserved an EV6 (which around 2,000 people have already done at the manufacturer, plus orders via dealers) will get the car "in these weeks," says Kia. However, if you only decide now, you have to wait six to twelve months because the car is currently sold out. Lack of chips! A highlight of the range is not even expected to start until the end of 2022: the GT version with 430 kW (and a top speed of 260 km / h), which is not available on the Ioniq 5..

Kia EV6 77.4 kWh (2021)

engine 2 PMS motors (front and rear axles)

power 239 kW (325 hp)

Max. Torque 605 Nm

Empty weight 2,100 kg

Top speed 185 km / h

Acceleration 0-100 km / h 5.2 sec.

Electric range 484 – 630 km

consumption 13.8 – 18.0 kWh / 100 km

battery 77.4 kWh lithium-ion

Charging time 18 min (10 – 80%)

Gear type 1-speed gearbox

length 4,695 mm

broad 1,890 mm

height 1,550 mm

Trunk volume 480 – 1,260 l

Ground clearance 16 cm

drive all wheel drive

Number of seats 5

Base price 52,890 euros

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