Video: Probably the worst attempt to park in the world


Probably the worst attempt to park in the world

A woman in Belfast, Northern Ireland, takes 30 minutes to maneuver her car into a parking space. Students filmed the drama. The clip was viewed three million times on YouTube.

R.Reverse parking is undoubtedly one of the supreme disciplines in road traffic, and the myth has persisted for decades that women allegedly have difficulty maneuvering a car cleanly into a parking space in this way. In any case, men like to boast that they have a better sense of proportion and skill when parking their cars.

This thesis could not be proven in practical studies. A car driver in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has now done women a disservice and fueled the common cliche of a woman who has a problem with parking. In a residential street she tried for 30 minutes to park her small car in a not so small gap between two parked vehicles.

It would not have been as bad if students from an adjoining apartment had not filmed the whole drama and garnished with their gleeful comments under the title “World’s Worst Attempt at Parallel Parking, Enjoy” – The world‘s worst attempt to park, have fun – put it on YouTube . The video has already been viewed around three million times.

Space for a minibus

"I looked out the window because I wanted to get some fresh air and saw it," said Ciaran Doherty, one of the filming students, to the BBC. "Then we all stood at the window and looked out." They would have watched the woman parking for 15 minutes before they started filming. “I offered the woman to park the car for her, but she refused. I couldn’t believe she couldn’t do it. A minibus would have fit into the gap. "

At first, the amused students only posted the video on Facebook for their circle of friends, but the day after it was clicked 30,000 times.

All’s well that ends well? The woman finally maneuvered her car into the gap under the guidance of a passerby. Now the students really want to get to know their parking heroine "to hear their version of the story".

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