Vinfast introduces product family of five e-cars

Vinfast introduces product family of five e-cars-e-cars

The Vietnamese automaker VinFast announced first details of its European strategy a few weeks ago. In the near future, the manufacturers wool the world public, at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, its full product family of five electric cars. The electric vehicles cover the A-, B, C, D and E segments of the European and North American market.

2022, the first two electric cars of the company – the VF E35 and the VF E36 – should give their market debut in three European countries. This was concretized as part of the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021. The two electric SUV VF E35 and VF E36 from VinFast, each represented in the market segment d or e, are to be supplemented by further models in the portfolio of VinFast. Including three previously unpublished models from the A-, B and C segments.

As with the well-known models, also designs the design language for the three new Stromer Pininfarina and Torino Design. The design combines aerodynamics with style and creates an appealing driving experience of the top class, while aesthetic elements simultaneously underline the special properties of each segment. The manufacturer pairs this with a wide range of driver assistance systems and a high degree of connectivity. This is based on artificial intelligence, big data as well as platforms for machine learning how VinFast performs in its message.

Vinfast shows on the CES 2022 high quality designs, advanced technologies and a wide range of products for customers around the world. With our best products, we help to provide more comfortable and accessible possibilities of changing electromobility, as well as a more sustainable future for our planet.”- Thuy le, vice president of the Vingroup

In addition, the manufacturer announced the construction of a dedicated Vines battery factory. The eight hectare plant in the Economic Area In the Vietnamese province of Ha Tinh, the goal of investments will be more than $ 170 million. In the first phase, the highly automated production starts 100.000 lithium battery packs per year. In the second phase, a production capacity starting up to a million per year is planned.

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  1. Obviously we need more SUV’s! Can not even bring a limousine with an elegant simplicity in the golf class. Just like the Tesla M3, just a little smaller. Since extremely many customers worldwide have decided to find this car worldwide, would probably also like the form (and please with AZV).


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