VinFast: Only e-cars – for five series

VinFast: Only e-cars - for five series-series

On the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Vietnamese carmaker VinFast has presented its new development strategy. As is apparent from a communication of the company, the production of vehicles with internal combustion engine will be set by the end of the year. The complete product range of E-cars will be comprising five segments in the future. VinFast has set itself the goal of becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric vehicles, said Chefin Le Thi Thu Thuy.

At the fair, three models – Vf 5 debuted in segment A, Vf 6 in segment B and VF 7 in segment C. The already known SUV models VF E35 and VF E36 in the D and E segment are renamed VF 8 and VF 9. The removal of the addition “E” in the name underlines according to VinFast the consistent fully electrical orientation. According to corporate information, all five series of Italian design companies were designed Pininfarina and Torino Design.

As further means, VF 8 and VF 9 are equipped in the Eco and Plus variants with autonomous driving functions of the level 2+. In the premium equipment, levels 3 and 4 should be possible. VinFast opened a first reservation program for both models. The manufacturer is based on one of the world’s first worldwide, which uses blockchain technologies to manage reservations and payments and certification.

In Germany the prices at 43 should.900 euros for the VF 8 and 58.Start 650 euros for the VF 9. For a reservation up to 6. April there is a credit of 2500 euros for the Vf 8 and 4200 euros for the VF 9. VinFast offers a rental program for the battery with two options – “flexible” (a minimum subscription for 500 kilometers per month, at surcharge from kilometer 501) and “Fixed” (unlimited range). The monthly total cost should lie according to VinFast near the benzage. In addition, the manufacturer according to own information takes place all costs for the battery maintenance and replaces the battery free of charge if the capacity decreases below 70 percent. The guarantee therefore extends over ten years or a maximum of 200.000 kilometers.

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4 thoughts on “VinFast: Only e-cars – for five series”

  1. Proud prizes and then still battery rental.
    The story is already over before she started.
    Let’s see which hope is being driven next by the arena.

    My forecast: Tesla and the OEM make the race – but from the latter, however, only a few. Let’s see if a few newcomers find the market gap and get enough money from investors to finance the start-up phase.

    Consumption costs near Benzing? I used to drove a very economical diesel and now lies half of his consumption costs now.

  2. Where should these space-eaters still drive in the cities of the future (at least in Germany)?

    At Roadpanzer, I have no interest and see them as the dinos of individual mobility, a derogatory type that grows in the gigantic shortly before, so that Oldtimerfans later have something to stow.

  3. Pininfarina and this design – there is something not together.
    Primary Claim of Mrs Le Thi Thu Thuy and prime prices. Total stupid (?): The battery rental with costs near the gasoline prices.
    With us, the Vietnamese probably not grasp so really fast foot. But who knows maybe that’s another indication that we are brutally ripped off with electricity prices, if we first travel all electric. And the latter will come much faster than the car sleeve thought that.

  4. @Bodo Panitzki:

    Primary Claim […] and proud prizes. […] Battery rent with costs near the gasoline prices.

    With us, the Vietnamese probably not grasp so really fast foot.

    Prices and rent can be made but possibly. Through a “spring note” slightly change!
    And the cost structure at Vietnam manufacturing + sea transport leash that probably. EU manufacturing (even in -d-) is IMO in time, but only beyond the currently presented models / pricing / conditions!


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