Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon

Vinfast in Europe

With electricity and BMW technology: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam

Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon-vinfast
Press Inform Vinfast from Vietnam comes to Europe with electric cars

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff (Los Angeles)

The Vietnamese large corporation Vingroup caused a sensation with its Vinfast and its BMW cooperation with its car division years ago. Under the new CEO Michael Lohscheller, the Vietnamese will come to Europe at the end of 2022 and will still be electrically.

After most European automakers have said goodbye to trade fairs such as the Los Angeles Auto show, the big appearance of Vinfast in the metropolis of the Millery at the Pacific surprised once more. Until years ago, Vinfast was a blank slate for many that produced motor scooters in Vietnam until they cooperated with BMW and launched the previous versions of 5 and X5 with a modified body in Vietnam under their own Vinfast label. "In the meantime we have a sales share of eight percent on the home market," says Michael Lohscheller satisfied.

With BMW technology, Vinfast became a car manufacturer

The former CEO of Opel moved from Russelsheim to Vietnam a few months ago and turned the Vinfast, the automotive division of the powerful Vingroup. The first few months were not as planned because of the continuing pandemic as planned. A 14 -day quarantine does not make it back and forth between the continents. But the quarantine was served in a hotel complex on an island in the south of the country – together with other Vingroup’s executives, which belongs here anyway. The local car market in Vietnam comprises around 200 per year.000 new vehicles.

Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon-Range price technical data good
Press Inform Vinfast VF E35

Vietnam: Small car market with large plans

Vinfast has big plans and so it was not only announced at the Los Angeles Auto show a new North America center in L.A. and an early entry in the market, but also presented two new American public vehicles.

Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon-soon
Vinfast The VF32 should also come to European

With the two SUV models VF E35 and E36, Vinfast wants to become a global brand and make its switch to the electrical age. Apart from the home market of Vietnam, Vinfast with its two models of the upper middle class and upper class will be a pure electric brand that, in addition to corresponding vehicles, wants to offer an entire ecosystem for electromobility based on a service platform.

Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon-vinfast
Vinfast Among other things, Vinfast wants to bring the VF33 to Europe next year

Electrical brand for export

Vinfast only started in 2017-with an investment of $ 5.4 billion. In the home country of Vietnam, Vinfast under his owner Pham Nhat Vuong has been working in the field of module production for various companies for years and produces the number one local means of transportation: motor scooters, among other things. But more and more Vietnamese want a car. In particular, three models were launched with the help of German cooperation partners: a small car, a luxury SUV and a top class elimination. Vingroup’s money comes from completely different areas such as construction / real estate, agriculture, tourism and retail.

Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon-vietnam
Vinfast The VF33 offers a modern cockpit

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Old BMW X5 recycled

A team of former GM managers initially had the two models Vinfast Lux A 2 in 2018.0 and Lux Sa 2.0 let go to the local market. BMW had given VingRoup the license to use the technical platforms of the long-expired BMW X5 and the former 5-SER to make the first two Vinfast models as quickly as possible. So within a very short time from the former top class model from Dingolfing, the Vietnamese compared to Lux A 2.0. The BMW X5 older design produced in Spartanburg meanwhile became a Lux SA 2.0.

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Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon-vinfast

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The vehicles come from the automobile plant in DINH VU Industrial Park in Hai Phong. The production facility on a 335 hectare site – built and coordinated by Siemens in just 21 months – can be up to 250 per year.Manufacture 000 vehicles; A doubling of the capacity is planned. Vinfast has the only work in Vietnam that is able to carry out complete automotive production including the production of main components such as chassis or engine.

Production capacity should be doubled

In addition to the two BMW models Lux SA and Lux A, the Fadil is now manufactured as an entry-level model, which is technically based on the Opel Karl Rocks. The Vietnamese around company boss Pham Nhat Vuong want to rely on the US market and thus on electric vehicles. For this purpose, Vinfast and LG Chem founded a joint battery company called VLBP. The aim of the new company is to produce lithium-ion battery packs for your own electric models in Vietnam. Vinfast is responsible for the operation of the production line and the storage of the lithium-ion batteries, while the Korean supplier LG Chem provides the necessary technical support and monitor facility management.

Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon-vietnam
Press Inform Vinfast VF E35

From 2022 with electric models to Europe

Vinfast wants to position itself as a new premium brand worldwide. The two electro SUVs from the D and e-segment look accordingly confidently. "We are planning to come to Europe in the fourth quarter of 2022," adds Lohscheller, "first to Germany, France and the Netherlands. This is followed by other European countries.“Pre-orders for both electric crossover should be possible in the middle of next year. Europe is the focus, but the Vingroup automobile arm has made up a lot in Asia and the United States. "We will also build our own production in the USA," says Michael Lohscheller, who is still covered with regard to the location. However, the first vehicles – including the two models VF E35 / E36 – should also run off the assembly line here.

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Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon-Range price technical data good

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"Without unions everything goes much faster"

If you ask Lohscheller about the differences between his previous activities in the auto industry and those in Vietnam, he almost raves about Germany, especially with a view of Germany. “In Vietnam everything goes much faster without unions. A new car is being built here in 18 and not 48 months, people work six days a week and live near the factory, ”says the car manager, for whom Vietnam was not only new territory. “6000 people build a factory on an area of 135 hectares in 15 months, in which 250 per year.000 vehicles can be produced. The decisions are simply made much faster."

Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon-vietnam
Press Inform The ex-Opel and current Vinfast boss Michael Lohscheller

At the moment, those responsible for the Vinfast ponder whether it should also stay with the electric cars in Europe or you are also relying on scooters with which the business on the home market had started. You would probably not only provide sales, but also make the Vinfast brand known faster. Last but not least, companies from Germany and Europe ensure the necessary technology level.

Brand wants to do without a dealer

One thing is already certain that Vinfast wants to do without a network of car dealers in Europe. "There will be central flagship stores in the large cities in which customers can experience the vehicles," explains Michael Lohscheller, "the vehicle is delivered to their home. Our technicians come home to the service and try to solve the problem there.“If this is not possible, take the defective Vinfast with you and as a special service, leave a replacement vehicle with the customer so that it is mobile. "The service is one of the major problems between manufacturers and customers," says Michael Lohscheller, "here we can make the difference.“And the Vietnamese want to lure customers to the new premium brand with affordable prices. It will be interesting to see if this will work from the end of 2022. For Vinfast, it will not be a sprint with Michael Lohscheller at the top. The long-distance runner has not yet walked a marathon in his new home, but already found some running friends-well then nothing stands in the way of the Vinfast Marathon.

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Vinfast: Soon you can buy cars from Vietnam soon-cars

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