Vinfast wants e-auto & e-bus production in Germany

Vinfast wants e-auto & e-bus production in Germany-e-bus

The Vietnamese automaker VinFast announced first details of its European strategy a few weeks ago. In addition to the launch of first electric SUV, you probably want to focus more in Europe. This is particularly evident in that you cooperate in the search for a location for a new work in Germany with the Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI).

GTAI is a company of the Federal Republic of Germany for Foreign Trade and Location Marketing. In the VinFast plant, E-vehicles, passenger cars as well as buses, are produced. Accompanying search for a manufacturing facility for Europe, the Vietnamese automotive group develops a production strategy for current and future markets. Robert Hermann, CEO of the GTAI, expressed itself as follows about the plans of the Vietnamese brand: “Mobility in Germany is currently changing and it is expected that this continues under the new government. We are pleased to help VinFast in the search and establishment of an ideal location in Germany.”

Le Thi Thu Thuy, Deputy Chairman of the Vingroup and CEO of Vinfast Global, gave under the Communication to understand that Europe is one of the most important markets for Vinafast. The establishment of a production facility in Germany, the largest European folk economy, mark a milestone in the Europafast Europa Strategy. Decision has been determined for this step, since “the era where cars are transported worldwide with the ship, especially since it has Covid-19. You have to have the factories near the markets to really win customers.”For this reason, Vinfast offers high quality electric vehicles and a special customer experience at affordable prices.

In addition to the already in operation production complex in Hai Phong, Vietnam, the Vingroup has recently begun the construction of a battery supply for E-vehicles in the Economic Zone Ang in the province of Ha Tinh. Furthermore, VinFast plans to open an E-vehicle plant in the US in the second half of 2024.

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  1. Another document for the fact that the German and European Auto Industry must warm warm to play a role in the future. It shows itself with a merciliary consequence that the over Ca. 150 years ago perfected know-how of the production of internal combustion engines has become quite worthless in no time. Anyone who sloves these drives as a log on the leg with themselves wastes valuable engineering resources in the further development of E-drive response. Battery technology! The example Vietnam (previously known in body not known as automotive manufacturers) shows that today everyone can build with support financially economical investors E-cars: The chassis and design know-how is just wired in the form of European managers and specialists. Which comes out, often with our established manufacturers can not only keep up with our established manufacturers, but often surpasses them in the software sector, which is often a major reason for the ID4 from the VW Group to be as good as good as well as the former hope market.

  2. Well, a very sporty project. So far, brand manufacturers like to produce in low-wage countries, the reverse path promises to be very exciting to be ..


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