Vingroup establishes its own battery factory in Vietnam

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Batteries and cells for Vinfast's e-cars will also be built in-house in the future

Vingroup establishes its own battery factory in Vietnam-factory

The Vietnamese brand Vinfast wants to produce their own electric car batteries in the future. The Vingroup, which is behind Vinfast, is building a battery factory around 400 kilometers south of Hanoi by car.

Investments totaling 4 trillion Vietnamese dong (around 150 million euros) are being made for the plant in the Vung Ang economic zone.

The VinES Battery Manufacturing Factory is set to supply lithium-ion batteries for Vinfast's electric cars and buses. In the first phase, the factory will occupy eight hectares and only produce battery packs, 100,000 per year. In a second phase, battery cells will also be built. Then the capacity should also grow to one million batteries annually. The first Vietnamese battery plant is to work according to international standards and with a high degree of automation.

With the factory in Vung An, Vinfast creates a local supply of batteries. When the work should be finished, Vinfast did not announce. In addition to production, battery technology research is planned at the location, with the focus on fast charging, solid-state batteries and new battery materials.

Picture gallery: VinFast VF e35

Vingroup establishes its own battery factory in Vietnam-establishes

The Vingroup pursues a "three-pillar strategy" for batteries: Batteries are partly to be obtained from world-leading manufacturers, partly to be built in cooperation with partners and partly to be developed in-house.

A wide range of batteries should be available that are suitable for every Vinfast vehicle and should meet the growing demand on the Vietnamese and global market.

The Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc congratulated the Vingroup on the successful change in the strategy of the conglomerate. The predecessor company, founded in 1993, manufactured noodles in Ukraine. In Vietnam, the focus was initially on real estate business.

The group has been trying to build up an automotive business since 2017. An automobile plant was built in Haiphong (about 100 km east of Hanoi). In the past year, ex-Opel boss Michael Lohscheller was won as managing director. The two electric SUVs e35 and e36 are to be launched in Germany as early as the first half of the coming year (our cover picture) come onto the German market.

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Vingroup establishes its own battery factory in Vietnam-battery Michael Lohscheller is moving from Opel to Vinfast

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