Vintage cars and co. – Focus on modern investments

Vintage cars and co. – Focus on modern investments-focus

Interest rates on savings accounts continue to tend towards zero, so that classic savings investments are hardly attractive for private investors in this country. Nowadays, the search for high-yield investments almost exclusively leads to alternative and modern financial products. Classic cars are now part of the portfolio of smart investment strategies. But also wines, luxury watches or works of art serve savers as an alternative investment.

There is more and more talk of garage gold when it comes to private and alternative financial products. Vintage cars are ideal as an investment and have a positive value stability. In addition, the value development of very popular car models such as the Porsche G series or the Citroën 2CV4 shows an almost explosive growth, so that true-to-the-original car models can promise a very large profit for investors over the years. Investors are able to combine driving pleasure and investment. However, the right conditions must be right here in order to actually be able to conclude a profitable business in the end.

The market for alternative investments has a lot to offer and makes it possible for savers with little available capital to find promising financial products. We have designed an overview of the currently most popular alternative investment opportunities for you. So savers get a few ideas and inspiration for different investments here. But on the alternative investment market, it’s all in the mix! An investment mix of various modern investments offers the best chances for a lucrative return.

Demand for classic cars as great as before!

German classics from the automotive industry are also considered to be very profitable investments in Germany. It is not for nothing that very popular models such as the VW Beetle, the VW T2, the Opel Calibra 16V or the BMW 540i have earned themselves the reputation of being tin stocks among investors. So it is by no means always the investment in special series or classic cars from the luxury segment that promises investors a promising business. The more true to the original the vehicle is, the better and higher the chances of an increase in value. Badly restored classic cars are therefore hardly interesting for collectors and investors. The necessary specialist knowledge and expert eyes for defects in classic cars should therefore be available in order to only include top models in your investor portfolio. It has long been enough to be able to shine with know-how. The care, the parking space for the classic car and the maintenance also play an important role. Accordingly, it is often necessary to make some preparations before investing in the classic car market.

Very trendy: converting classic cars into electric cars

One reason classic cars are so popular is because of a new trend. There are now a number of platforms on the Internet that convert an ordinary oldtimer or youngtimer into an electric car. For example, it is possible to use the VW Beetle as an electric vehicle and thus not only do something good for the environment, but also own an interesting investment. The retrofitting of old vehicles on an electric drive has come in the last few years. Accordingly, significantly more classic cars with electric drives can be expected on German roads in the near future.

Luxury watches as an attractive investment

Luxurious chronographs are a very attractive investment option for more and more investors. Luxury watch models such as the Rolex Daytona are seen as an investment in times of persistently low interest rates. However, a good investment cannot be found with every luxurious model on the watch market. So it takes a lot of expertise in performance and demand in the watch market to make an investment.

Unfortunately, there are a multitude of fakes on the market. When buying luxury watches from private individuals, the utmost caution should therefore be exercised. Watches from the luxury segment are more secure with certified and reputable dealers such as chronext.en to buy. In any case, buyers always receive original goods with warranty card, invoice and complete watch box. The copies from reputable sellers are also secured with a German serial number, so that buyers receive additional security here. Especially limited models are in great demand among collectors and can promise an enormous increase in value within a short time. With certain watch models, it is possible to post a profit of up to ten percent a year.

Wine and whiskey as investment options

Almost half a million euros for a bottle of wine? In 2018, the most expensive bottle of wine to date was sold at auction for exactly this price. The 1945 bottle of Romanee-Conti is considered the holy grail among wine connoisseurs, as there are very few bottles of Burgundy in the world. In general, a lucrative business can also be done with wine if you are looking for a high-yield investment opportunity. Whiskeys also apply among investors on the alternative investment market as a good chance to multiply their capital within a short time.

Real estate prices continue to climb

The prices of real estate in many large cities in Germany and metropolitan areas have almost doubled in the last 20 years. Inexpensive living space is still rare on the real estate market in this country. However, an end to the increase in value on the real estate market is not yet in sight. Experts assume that prices will rise significantly over the next ten years, so that despite the high capital outlay, there is an excellent chance of a return. Above all, condominiums in city centers such as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich can promise enormous profit potential.

Cryptocurrencies for risk-taking investors

The market for digital currencies is on everyone’s lips. This is how bitcoins and co. meanwhile no longer unknown for many savers and private investors in this country. Demand for online currencies has grown further in recent years, so that the price course of most crypto currencies is constantly pointing up. However, an investment in online currencies is not entirely without risks. Because the price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies are enormous. Fluctuations of up to 30 percent in just one trading day are not uncommon. The decentralized currency system is not tied to inflation rates or government interest rate policy, so that the courses develop exclusively according to the supply-and-demand principle. If you have a good feeling for market developments and invest accordingly boldly, you can make a big profit within a short time.

Conclusion: Alternative investments with high return potential

It’s not just classic cars that private investors use as a financial investment if interest rates on classic financial products continue to be low. In this way, it is not only possible to achieve a lucrative return with luxury watches, but also with wines, cryptocurrencies or real estate. The prerequisite for each investment, however, are sufficient market knowledge and something passion for different investment forms.

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