Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury: E-vehicle of the luxury class

Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury: E-vehicle of the luxury class-mercedes-maybach

In fact, there seems to be no upper limit. How else should it be concept cars like that Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury be possible to convince all along the line and at the highest level. The concept car presented at Auto China 2018 in Beijing is a modern crossover of an exclusive high-end sedan and an SUV. Here, the comfort and the typical strengths of both body variants are cleverly combined. One of the strengths is therefore definitely the raised seating position and the athletic appearance.

I don’t want to go into detail about the design, both on the outside and on the inside, which Mercedes-Benz has probably captured quite well with the following description:

“The study not only embodies the design language of Mercedes-Maybach, it also links to the traditional values of the brand and continues the successful Mercedes-Maybach story. True to the maxim “creating the very best from the very best”, Mercedes-Maybach stands for ultimate luxury and combines the perfection of the Mercedes-Benz models with the exclusivity of Maybach.”

However, what is probably more interesting is the fact that the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury is an electric vehicle with four compact permanent magnet synchronous electric motors and fully variable all-wheel drive. Furthermore, the show car also merges influences from the Western and Far Eastern hemispheres into an attractive automotive, cultural dialogue. This motif also underlines the combination of SUV and notchback sedan, which are the most successful body variants, especially on the Chinese market.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury: E-vehicle of the luxury class-vision

The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. The e-vehicle can be charged using its quick charging function. DC charging is based on the CCS standard and enables the system to charge up to 350 kW. In just five minutes, you can fill up with enough electricity to achieve an additional range of around 100 kilometers. The battery can be charged by cable at public charging stations, standard household sockets or, even more conveniently, inductively. The charging current is transmitted contact-free by an electromagnetic field under the car.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury: E-vehicle of the luxury class-mercedes-maybach

It is questionable whether the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury will ever go into series production. But it reads quite well what Mercedes-Maybach came up with for the concept vehicle. Further information on the vehicle can be found at the source listed below.

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