VITESCO: billion order from USA for 800 volt technology

VITESCO: billion order from USA for 800 volt technology-vitesco

The car supplier VITESCO Technologies has gained an order of more than one billion euros from a large American car manufacturer. This is evident from a notice of the Regensburg-based company. VITESCO will therefore supply millions of 800 volt inverters with silicon carbide technology – a crucial component for fast loading and decisive for improving efficiency and range for electric vehicles. As it continues, VITESCO wants to expand its global production: it is planned that the high-voltage inverter together with power module is produced from the beginning of 2025 in North America.

“Vitesco Technologies has focused on electromobility as early and determined as hardly any other supplier,” says CEO Andreas Wolf. The recent new orders would confirm this consistent course. “We pursue a clear plan to continue to promote our mission for clean, emission-free mobility.”

The order volume for electrification components has summed up in the fourth quarter 2021 on more than two billion euros, it means. In addition to the major order from North America, enterprises of a Chinese and a Japanese automobile manufacturer also went to company information. Both have each have a volume of several hundred million euros. These contracts for battery electrical vehicles are according to VITESCO around high-voltage axis drives, which are manufactured and delivered as complete systems, as well as high-voltage power electronics.

The pleasing order intake was found that the great experience with electric drive components and the high system competence are a crucial competitive advantage for Vitesco Technologies, it says in the message. This advantage allows the company to quickly launch innovation, so that vehicle manufacturers can offer as well as efficient as affordable electromobility solutions worldwide.

“We use our portfolio clearly to global, scalable platforms for electrified vehicles,” says board member Thomas Stierle, Head of the Electrification Technology division at Vitesco. “Here is growth, and here is the potential for a sustainable and increasingly CO2-neutral mobility of the future.”Vitesco Technologies are equally belonging to the drivers like the winners of this global trend.

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  1. Who likes to stuck there behind it?
    Questions about questions …..
    At first I thought of GM – 800V should be used in Silverado, but are probably not produced by million quarters ?

    It remains exciting as always someone is to say &# 128521;

  2. @ Powerwall Thorsten:

    “Who may be behind it?”

    In a precise evaluation of the volume, however, would be clarified at what period (… years) the amount referred!


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