Volkswagen Aero B: Passat-sized electric sedan spotted

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But is it actually a sedan?

Volkswagen Aero B: Passat-sized electric sedan spotted-sedan

Will the VW Passat die? These rumors are greatly exaggerated because the all-electric Aero B will not replace it immediately. For the conventionally powered mid-range sedan, a new generation has been confirmed in partnership with the Skoda Superb, which means that it will be allowed to live on until around the end of the decade.

Until then, it will probably be time for a second generation of the Aero B, which could then actually serve as a Passat replacement in the EV age. But not even the first Aero B is on the market yet. But now he shows up on new Erlkonig photos.

Picture gallery: Volkswagen Aero B electric sedan on new Erlkonig pictures

Volkswagen Aero B: Passat-sized electric sedan spotted-aero

The prototype, which was filmed during test drives in the Austrian Alps, apparently had the production body, but was provided with deceptive Jetta stickers on the headlights, the radiator grille and the taillights. In addition, the camouflaged rear should probably be attached to the Tesla Model 3 remember.

The fake tailpipes are also from the compact sedan, and there's something fishy about the door handles, because we believe the real handles are also cleverly hidden under stickers. As with many new electric cars, the handles appear to be flush with the body to improve aerodynamics.

A burning question – is the Aero B really a sedan? We'd bet it's more of a practical liftback, as the stern seems too short for a traditional trunk lid. We feel like it looks more like the Arteon than the Passat, which would be very good. The prototype probably has a tailgate that makes loading and unloading easier. In addition, the Aero B could make sense as the successor to the Arteon. The latter has been on the market since 2017 and could expire in 2023.

You can tell that it's an electric car because the Aero B looks more voluminous than a Passat or Arteon, as it has to carry a lot of batteries between the two axles. Nevertheless, we are happy that VW is finally building a sedan / liftback on the MEB platform for people who don't like SUVs and who want the ID.3 find too small. Speaking of the already existing electric cars from Wolfsburg: Logic tells us that the production model will not be called Aero B, but rather something with ID.

Picture gallery: VW ID. Space Vizzion (2019)

Volkswagen Aero B: Passat-sized electric sedan spotted-passat-sized

It is believed that VW made the car with a single-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration and a sharper twin-engine configuration for a GTX will offer with all-wheel drive. In terms of performance, the Aero B on the ID.4 and ID.5 orientate. The top-of-the-line model is expected to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in around 5.6 seconds, which would be pretty decent considering the Aero B's size and weight.

Further innovations based on MEB: Volkswagen Aero B: Passat-sized electric sedan spotted-sedan Cupra Born: The VW ID.3 twin can now be ordered

Volkswagen Aero B: Passat-sized electric sedan spotted-volkswagen Audi Q4 e-tron 40 Sportback (2021) in the test: four wins

Those who need to carry more cargo could get a station wagon like the ID. Space Vizzion Concept showed about two years ago. This coincides with the idea of ​​an Arteon replacement, since it is also used as a shooting brake are. A new VW Passat Variant with a combustion engine will be available for the important fleet market from 2023, when the production version of the Aero B should also appear.

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