Volkswagen and has to be cooperate on e-car charging infrastructure

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Volkswagen and has to be cooperate on e-car charging infrastructure-cooperate

Volkswagen is expanding its involvement in the area of charging infrastructure and will be working closely with has to be, a leading provider of operating systems for electromobility. To this end, the group takes over a minority stake in the company via its subsidiary Elli.

Together, has to be and the car manufacturer want to advance the expansion of the Europe-wide charging network and participate in the rapidly growing market for charging solutions. Some of the group’s own charging stations are already operated with the software from has to be and are therefore part of a holistic, integrated charging ecosystem.

“Simple and convenient charging is a must for the rapid breakthrough of e-mobility. For this we not only need more charging stations, they also have to be intelligently networked and functioning. Charging an e-car must become just as natural as charging a smartphone. Together with has to be, we want to open up and further develop the fast-growing business field of charging infrastructure. We also use the software from has to be ourselves. Group-wide we will build around 36 by 2025.000 charging points in Europe. Charging processes can thus be processed even faster and more conveniently in the future.Thomas Ulbrich, Board Member for E-Mobility at the Volkswagen brand.

With over 70 employees from ten nations, has to be GmbH manages more than 16.000 charging points mainly in Europe, but also worldwide – from Norway to Great Britain to Australia. The company’s history began six years ago with Audi from Ingolstadt as the first customer. Since then, sales have at least doubled every year – mainly due to strong demand from Germany and Switzerland.

The customer list now ranges from the automotive industry to energy suppliers and industrial companies. The foremost reference is Ionity, the largest fast-charging network in Europe: a merger of the BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche. By the end of 2020, Ionity plans to set up a total of 400 fast charging parks on European motorways. The software from has to be is used at all stations.

Volkswagen and has to be cooperate on e-car charging infrastructure-volkswagenGraphic: Volkswagen

Company founder Martin Klassner built prototypes for charging stations in his garage eleven years ago. Pioneer Klassner recognized early on the potential of software development for charging infrastructures. Today, the has to be founder is certain: “The partnership with the Volkswagen Group, which has dedicated itself to this technology like no other automotive group, is a key lever for shaping the future of e-mobility. With Volkswagen on board, we will promote e-mobility in Europe and its borders.”

Networking of energy and mobility

The Volkswagen Group takes over his daughter Elli around a quarter of the shares in the Has · to · Be GmbH. Thorsten Nicklass, CEO of Elli, says: “Elli has set itself the goal of digitally networking the topics of energy and mobility. We want to make the store easy and cheap and establish us as a reliable partner for innovative and sustainable energy solutions around the electric vehicle. With the participation in Has · to · Do we now create the prerequisite for a seamless customer experience when loading and integrating further digital services of the Volkswagen Group. Involvement is another consistent step in our strategy loading and energy intelligent.”

Volkswagen wants to help e-mobility achieve a breakthrough worldwide and is pursuing the largest e-offensive in the automotive industry. By 2028, the group will be launching almost 70 new all-electric models. In the next five years alone, Volkswagen will be investing more than 30 billion euros. In addition to attractive models, the e-offensive also includes intelligent charging solutions, energy offers and digital mobility services.

About has to be

The company, based in Radstadt (Salzburg), Munich and Vienna, is a leading provider of complete solutions for electromobility. The products and services from has to be offer everything that companies need to be successful in electromobility: from the worry-free operation of e-charging stations to the management of global mobility offers. As part of the.connected conference brings together entrepreneurs, representatives and innovators from the industry every year to exchange ideas and network.

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  1. “Simple and convenient charging is a must for the rapid breakthrough of e-mobility.” I agree. The way it works now, those switching are only put off: umpteen charging cards, different billing models with various tariffs, unmarked charging stations, in any case you are usually completely lost without a smartphone. It can’t be that please.
    Every self-service gas station has an ATM checkout, why can’t it work so easily here??


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