Volkswagen brings the first VW ID.3 on the way to his dealers

Volkswagen brings the first VW ID.3 on the way to his dealers-first

The modular electric drive kit (MEB) on which the ID.3 is based, serves as a technical backbone of the E-offensive, it allows the construction of many other electromodels. The MEB draws the possibilities that the pure electric drive offers is fully. Of this, our author Wolfgang Plank was finally convincing himself. Meanwhile, the first ID.3 on the way to VWS dealers.

Because about one month before the new ID.3 It is ready for test drives in German car dealerships, extensive training courses begin for the trade. For this reason, VW in his customer center of the Autostadt 100 vehicles passed to coaches and the field service of the Volkswagen brand, which in the context of the ID.3 Roadshow throughout Germany around 865 car dealerships will become schools.

“Normally we would have organized a great, central training for all dealers. But that was not possible due to Corona. Exceptional situations require extraordinary measures, and so the team has rebuilt this event in short to a mix of digital training and roadshow. So the ID is.3 Also in his element: in action on the street.”- Jurgen Stackmann, distribution board of the Volkswagen brand

How the whole will run stackmann also to understand. As part of the ID.3 Roadshow Every single one of the approximately 865 dealer companies in Germany is approached and gets the ID.3 introduced with all details. An external coach carries together with the sales office of the Volkswagen brand through the training. Product training goes to all software functions and innovative controls of the ID.3 and includes topics around the Ladeservice WE batch as well as services under WE CONNECT. In addition, all participants can the ID.3 Of course, test yourself on the road and also experience the sporty driving characteristics of the vehicle, its maneuverability and agility in everyday life.

“This concept offers great advantages for trade: There are no absence times of employees in the companies for the duration of the training, instead there are intensive training in small groups directly on site. We are sure that we are the enthusiasm for the ID.3 So on each of our trading partners and these are transferred to our customers “- Holger B. Santel, Head of Sales and Marketing of the Volkswagen car in Germany

Five weeks should the ID.3 Roadshow last and extend until the beginning of September. Of the a total of 100 ID.3 will be used two per dealership in each case. Trained in groups with a maximum of four persons under the strictest compliance with health protection and hygiene regulations. In five weeks should then 6.000 employees are trained in the German car trade to best accompany customers when changing into the new era of mobility. We are curious.

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7 thoughts on “Volkswagen brings the first VW ID.3 on the way to his dealers”

  1. Since a large German manufacturer offers modern E-cars, I hope that the general e-car bashing, with the ever-recurring (seem) arguments, now adacta is placed.

  2. VW could afford the ID3 CA. 8000, – Euro cheap to offer. Then many thousands of buyers would be there anymore and it would have come to a breakthrough with the mobility in Germany, especially since VW thinks much too late e

  3. In production, the thing costs just under 10.000 €
    After marketing expenses and transport it will be almost 12.000 € at the dealer …

    VW could relax the 58kWH ID3 for 19.900, – € offer and would then earn properly money in a mass that would be to implement ..

    Well, is simply not wanted.

    It remains exciting

  4. Tesla had to finance her shop with the selling prices. Part of this you saved by your almost complete merchant network. All other world market leaders of E mobility have (still) their dealers . The more to which your combustion market goes back, your dealer network will also tighten. This development has been running in the agricultural machinery market for 20 years. But not due to change of drive motors in the tractors, but because of a very strong decline of the countryW. Operations. Also VW will keep this in mind.
    Whether this development remains exciting is on another sheet …………

  5. Who believes that an ID 10k costs in production, I believe that every self-employed one belongs to the rich. So much nonsense I rarely read. Only the expenses that come with VW even to cover only labor costs, then the expensive battery. New production facilities that best cost a lot of money … VW will be glad if you have no minus at the end of the year … Some people really live in a dream world. LG Daniel

  6. Since you can buy the electric drives as the batteries from the shelf and no complex
    Construction of the powertrain must be made more self, the number of e-car producers
    First, continue to rise.It will now show whether Germany with premium quality in body construction
    and overall concept can mix further forward or whether consumers are moving to cheap competition
    And even with first something less “quality” are satisfied.
    For burners, it is already like using the example of Hyundai and Co. Looks partially like that.
    In the end, the times of dream wages are down to the ribbon staff and the bloated giant management
    This can then only affect inflated institutions such as forced associations or the GEZ forced media state propaganda apparatus.


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