Volkswagen confirms plans for high performance electric cars

Volkswagen confirms plans for high performance electric cars-high

At the end of March we could already learn from Volkswagen that the VW ID.4 should come in a gtx-perfomance variant to start. Also a high performance variant of the ID.3 is planned. In mid-May, VW became a little more concrete and gave to understand that one plans a series of “ID.R “electric vehicles to build and sell. VW Group Management Board member Jurgen Stackmann expressed himself as follows to Topgear: “The future of R must and will be electric. We are still working on what we have started two and a half years – which of course was not electrical, though it is exciting – but the work that lies ahead of us is and will be electrically.”

Volkswagen R is the brand with which Volkswagen features a high-performance model. The R badge is known mainly for use on the Golf R, but there is about half a dozen R models, including the ID.R-Electric race car. In addition, Volkswagen confirmed that there is a high-performance variant of the ID.3 “Active Considering”. Volkswagen Motorsport could thus based on the modular electric drive modular (MEB) new motorsport concepts for the ID. Develop family. This will cause the ID.3 R electric hatchback variant is based on the standard platform, but over a stronger electric drive, as well as a more powerful battery pack has.

“We have the ID.3, who comes out this year. So we think we are in the perfect situation to build an electric R model. But first we have to understand what the enthusiasm for a powerful electric vehicle.”- Jost Capito, Chief of the brand R Performance of Volkswagen

Capito also gave to understand that it is “quite simple” to complete in an e-car stunning sprint from 0 to 100 km / h. He added, “I think electric cars have to have more character than that.”The boss of VW’s Perfomance brand also expressed a technology transfer from the ID.Route series cars: “We have different cells and construction methods and all technical teachings from motorsport. There are other requirements for a high performance car than a street car, and we look at all aspects to see what we can do with the technology. We have seen how you in the ID.R works, and now we want to see how she looks in a street car.”

The most tangible project of the Perfomance forge is the ID. 3r. The model, which is to be launched by 2024, will have a four-wheel drive as well as comprehensive revised motor and battery systems. The powertrain and the batteries are developed with the help of Volkswagen Motorsport.

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  1. The managers busbells for the exhaust gas criminals are not paid yet and the vag Prachienerie continues to run in full swing. Whoever has nothing to show, should definitely not take the mouth so full. But so do as if can be a strategy.

  2. Id.3, alone there you first have to get the software and hardware for the control regulated what is obviously very difficult for them very hard. What dream dancers are that in the leaderships that are now such words, as presented in the article presented? Any stupid can make a stupid and that’s what it looks like. Genuine know-how is different!

  3. Now let them show that they have the ID.3 Get well this summer and the ID.4 Got the legs in USA and China at the end of the year. Software problems are customary in industry (not only with e-mobilies) VW as a smart follower must make that better than Z.B. The Tesla with its customer maturation, if you do not want to spot the market start .

    Unfortunately, it seems to be the new way of marketing, first make a lot of noise and then deliver, Tesla is present: At least 2 years before delivery begins is presented Pompous (Y, Roadster, Semi, Cybertruck), every feature marketed as world revolution, the whole world can pursue how a new work is planned, any robotized production as a world -Novation introduced. How many works will have VW in Q1 2021 for E-vehicles, probably at least 4 and we will be tweeted every day?


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