Volkswagen customers load at over 230.000 charging points

Volkswagen customers load at over 230.000 charging points-points

Elli, the Mobility Charging Provider of the Volkswagen Group, has been cooperating since the beginning of May with LogPay Transport Services GmbH. Through cooperation, above all, the offer of the Volkswagen charging service “Charge&Fuel “Internationally expanded internationally and bundled the charging offer within the Volkswagen Group.

Elli stands for Electric Life and is part of the energy transition. For a good two and a half years, the company offers the Volkswagen natural stream for private households and companies. The number of customers was five digits shortly after the introduction and continues to grow continuously.

“With Elli, we wrote ourselves on the flags, easy to shop for our customers. The cooperation with LogPay is an important step here, because so have our customers‘ inside with their batch&Fuel Card access to over 230.000 charging points in Europe. An essential contribution to the success of e-mobility.”- Elke Temme, Managing Director of Elli

Jens Thorwarth, Managing Director of LogPay, White to supplement: “The cooperation with Elli allows us to offer our fleet customers a mobility offer from a single source – because the batch&Fuel Card allows you to access a large petrol station acceptance network and at the same time on E-Charging Services.”

How LogPay – give a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG – and Elli to understand the offer of the batch&Fuel Card expanded in the future. It is the common goal of car riders as seamless and comfortable access to energy as possible – and to go another step towards nationwide acceptance of electromobility.

Furthermore, the personal energy transition is conceivable simple: With only three clicks you will find the right natural current tariff on the ELLI website. First, enter the average annual power consumption, secondly the question of answering whether one has a battery-powered E-car and if yes, how many kilometers you drive every year and enter thirdly the postal code. Ready. Already the right tariff is calculated.

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  1. The loading landscape in Germany is a glowing example of how stupid it can run for the customer if you leave companies largely unregulated in front of themselves.
    The technique would have been there that you only need to plug in and then automatically billed. With a kWh price that will be clearly displayed and must be the same for all customers. With EC / and credit card readers for those who do not want to register. But no, we got a system that customers rather drives off the electric car away than pulling them out.


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