Volkswagen Emden: Conversion to the E-Werk on the destination straight

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Volkswagen Emden: Conversion to the E-Werk on the destination straight-emden

The renovation of the location Emden for the first Lower Saxony Volkswagen plant for electric vehicles is on the target straight. The Volkswagen plant has been rebuilt since last year in the current operation for the production of E-vehicles and additionally expanded by new Greenfield structures. The start-up preparations for the production of the Volkswagen ID.4 running in full swing. Everything is ready to promote the fast startup of e-mobility in the context of VWS “Accelerate” strategy in Emden at the beginning of the coming year. The first pre-production vehicles of the ID.4 are already manufactured in the body construction, the paint shop and promptly in the assembly. In the spring 2022 the volume production begins. For this, a billion euros was invested in the conversion and new building.

At the same time, according to VW, the qualification measures for the approximately 8.000 employees. For this purpose Volkswagen the existing know-how and the experiences in the production network: Since the spring of 2020, around 400 employees from all areas at the Saxon Location Zwickau to learn from the local start-up experiences. During a site visit in the Volkswagen plant Emden, Christian Vollmer, Executive Board for Production and Logistics of the Volkswagen brand, and Werkkleiter Uwe Schwartz recorded balance sheet on the e-transformation of the global production network of the Volkswagen brand and the remodeling of the location Emden. Vollmer explained: “With the reconstruction of the location Emden to the E-Plant, we make another decisive step in the transformation of Volkswagen to the software-oriented provider of sustainable mobility.”

Smart production of the ID.4 and AERO B

In Emden, there are existing works on the new requirements by connecting existing equipment and Greenfield structures. Essentially a significantly increased productivity to set up Volkswagen sustainably profitable. So we strengthen the resilience of the company. Werkleiter Uwe Schwartz emphasizes: “With the new construction of additional production halls and the adaptation of the structures to the most modern standards, we are able to produce our electric vehicles.”Process optimization, digitization and direct knowledge transfer in Volkswagen‘s production network are the essential levers to increase productivity at the site and significantly reduce production time per vehicle. After the ID.4, which is manufactured from 2022 in Emden, from 2023 also runs the “Aero B” as a sedan and station wagon from the band, a fully electric model in the size of the Passat. Until then, a total of six additional manufacturing halls and logistics buildings on the 4 should.300.000 square meters of factory premises arise. The models Passat as well as Arteon and Arteon Shooting Brake continues to manufacture the location in a multi-year transitional phase.

On the way to the Smart Factory, the Volkswagen plant Emden uses the digital production platform (DPP), for example in the body construction, to monitor processes. With the “Spot Welding Analytics” analysis tool, the data of the daily up to seven million welds are transferred and analyzed into Industrial Cloud. Thus, the welding infrastructure can be permanently optimized.

The new logistics concept within the work ensure a higher efficiency of the processes: the logistics should also be directly connected to the assembly in the future, which leads to shorter paths and cost savings. The future fully automated high and small parts warehouses also lead to a space saving of around 30 percent and increased degree of automation within logistics. At the same time all around 8.000 employees trained at the location for electromobility. The qualification program includes production-related, individual and virtual training and a total of more than 60.000 training days.

Exchange with the Zwickau site, which was the first Volkswagen plant to be rebuilt to the production site for E-vehicles in Germany, is in the first place. So already 400 employees should be traveled to the Saxon work to learn from the local start-up experiences. The plant Emden will significantly help the volume production of E-vehicles from 2022 to electrify the Volkswagen New Car Fleet and reduce the CO2 emissions of vehicles. The implementation of neutral production takes a central role in the transformation of the location. In the Emden plant, therefore, the use of regenerative energy sources and sustainable logistics processes is promoted.

With the initiative “No Plastics” the plant Emden also wants to significantly reduce the plastic waste in production. Since last year, more than six tons of plastic packaging have been saved after last year. The experiences and solutions are shared by a database with other locations.

Sources: Volkswagen AG

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