Volkswagen ID.4 is World Car of the Year 2021

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Porsche, Mercedes, Honda and Land Rover also dust off

Volkswagen ID.4 is World Car of the Year 2021-euros month gross Leasing offer

Should you ever want to shine with real car earth knowledge at a party (hopefully you won't be removed afterwards due to acute weirdness), then brag about the fact that the Audi A6 won the very first World Car of the Year award in 2005 the story went down.

Since then, the annual award ceremony has now expanded to five categories – in addition to the overall victory, these are Performance, Design, Luxury and Urban. The main focus is of course still on the World Car of the Year and that is the Volkswagen ID.4 for the year 2021.

Picture gallery: VW ID.4 1ST in blue

Volkswagen ID.4 is World Car of the Year 2021-world

If you look at the list of the three remaining finalists, the electric VW was also the logical choice. His rivals for overall victory in 2021 were the Honda e (Wasn't it presented in autumn 2019?) and the Toyota Yaris. Both are not even offered on the important US market.

The ID.4, on the other hand, is currently rolling out to dealers around the world. In the first driving report It has already proven to be a spacious, comfortable and competent family electric car. The single-engine variant with its 204 PS certainly does not make the ID.4 an athlete, but the official range of 455 to 520 kilometers (depending on the equipment) is impressive. A sporty GTX variant will also be available shortly presented.

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If we look at the winners of the other categories, it is certainly no surprise that the new Mercedes S-Class has won the prize for the World Luxury Car. Another pretty clear case is the victory of the new Porsche 911 Turbo in the World Performance Car category.

Other winners are the Honda e as World Urban Car and the Land Rover Defender as World Design Car of the Year. Until recently, the award ceremony also included the World Green Car category for electric and hybrid vehicles. It was abolished in 2020, but will come back to life from next year with a new category especially for purely electric cars.

94 jurors from all over the world are involved in the process of awarding the WCOTY awards. You drive and evaluate a large number of cars that are either new or have been significantly redesigned for the current model year.

To qualify for a World Car Award, a vehicle must be sold on at least two of the seven continents for at least one year.

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