Volkswagen launches over-the-air updates for ID electric cars

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Volkswagen launches over-the-air updates for ID electric cars-cars

Volkswagen goes the next big step on the way to the software-oriented mobility provider: From this summer, the brand of a current message will regularly include software updates “over-the-air” in the models of its ID. Family play out. The prelude forms the ID.3: The latest software version “ID.Software2.3 “Will be delivered by mobile data transfer in July 2021 to customers of the so-called” First Movers Club “.

The update contains customizations and improvements for operation, performance and comfort. Updates for all ID.3 and ID.4 and ID.4 GTX customers will succazively follow. In the future, Volkswagen becomes the software of its ID. Vehicles bring up to date every twelve weeks.

The first update for the purely electrical ID. Models offer numerous functional improvements: this includes, among other things, advanced functionalities of the ID. Light, optimized environmental detection and dynamic high-voltage regulation, improved usability and design adjustments of the infotainment system as well as performance and stability improvements.

The software updates are accessed via mobile data transfer directly to the central high-performance calculator (in Car Application Server, short ICAS) of the ID. Models. These take over functions on the basis of the MEB platform functions, which were distributed for previous vehicle generations to a variety of control units. The new electronics architecture is not only more powerful and intelligent, but also simplifies the exchange of data and functions between the systems in the vehicle. This can be achieved and updated via the over-the-air updates up to 35 control units.

Customers with ID. Digital always in the center

“Vehicles that always have the latest software on board and ensure an excellent digital customer experience are of enormous importance for the future success of the Volkswagen brand,” says Thomas Ulbrich, development board of the Volkswagen brand. “We have therefore for the continuous updating of the software in the vehicle specifically the agile project unit ID. Digital. Thus we are able to quickly collect customer feedback and react flexibly to customer needs. The id. Models remain up-to-date after delivery and the value retention of the customer vehicles improves.”

Drive spring for the digitization of the brand is the tight-toothed cooperation between ID. Digital and Cariad, the car software organization of the Volkswagen Group. This interaction ensures great software know-how. Thus, the brand benefits from the power of the Group and at the same time uses the speed of the agile software company Cariad. “Over-the-air updates are a central functionality of the digital, networked car,” says Cariad CEO Dirk Hilgenberg. “You will become normal for customers – such as downloading the latest operating system or apps at the smartphone.”

Business model 2.0: The future of mobility

With over-the-air updates of the software, the Volkswagen brand also creates the prerequisites for new business models – as invested in the Accelerate Strategy. In the future, customers have no longer decide when buying a vehicle which functionalities should have their car – and which configuration is beneficial to the highest possible resale value. Because: The hardware will be largely unified. Additional features and innovative technologies can be subsequently accessed via software update, even for a short time: driver assistance systems can z.B. only booked for the duration of longer vacation trips.

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7 thoughts on “Volkswagen launches over-the-air updates for ID electric cars”

  1. Quote Thomas Ulbrich, VW Development Board in the article:

    “” Vehicles that always have the latest software on board and ensure an excellent digital customer experience are of enormous importance for the future success of the Volkswagen brand “”

    Yes, ENORMOUSLY, is already the directional expression for the Digital customer experience , If the OTA update LT. AMS

    https: // www.Car engine and sport.DE / Electric Car / ID Software 2 Point 3-ID3 ID4 Update Over-the-Air /

    divided into two and a total of about 6.5 gigabytes is big, the program permanently 40 minutes and then again up to 3 hours .. I’M SORRY, WHAT?

  2. Now we look forward to that VW offers OTA updates at all. Since an average vehicle is about 23 hours, and the update process is safe, as manuel suspects, is carried out in a resting phase, most users will hardly notice that.
    (If the woman will blow the woman in the morning and then the ID is not available, it is of course highly annoying …) “Some settings are possibly reset by the system update” is less dramatic, but applies all.

    Let’s assume that VW customers are a bit hard-minded and more sensitive species. If VW delivers fast and reliable software with the next updates and then discovered incremental updates at some point, it can actually give something like a happy ending ..

  3. Now I’ve been curious about how long it actually takes until my brother gets his Ota for his leased ID3 – hopefully that’s faster than the refund for the “great” heat pump – since he already practices himself in patience. &# 128521;

  4. Oh … For a long time Mosert the VW Hater and Tesla Lover scene over everything at VW .. Above all, that she does not have any OTA update (who else has otherwise except Tesla??). Now you start and make a full-update with clear announcement – first with some, then at all – how that belongs .. And now that does not fit again.

    • So .. Where is the problem with the car at some point on the way over E-SIM pulls the complete update crumple way?
    • Where is the problem with the car that update – after announcement – at some point installed when the car is around?

    But what should .. If you can float over the water with a VW, it will be borne here .. ‘so so ..He can not swim too “

  5. We made the current update for the Navi of the EGOLF last week. You have to be really about that. 26 GB! download. Well we have fast internet – most thought – has still taken almost 8 hours and already with a download manager who does not start from the front at each interruption. But the idea also had others. The import of the data then went, with approx. 40 min ago fast. In this respect, I do not really believe the many beautiful announcements.

  6. Today there is great PR silence at VW. We write the 08. July and VW once again punished for cynical business policy. AdBlue means the keyword. The past can not be shaken by PR.


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