Volkswagen makes football national team emission-free mobile

Volkswagen makes football national team emission-free mobile-makes

Be it national coach Joachim Loew, who in the fully electric Volkswagen ID.4 For the DFB Press Conference or the national players who travel to the training place on E-bikes of Ducati and Porsche: The German Football National Team is almost emission-free in their EM district in Herzogenaurach thanks to the support of Volkswagen.

“The topics of sustainability and resource conservation have played an important role in our partnership with the DFB from the first day,” says Holger B. Santel, Head of Sales and Marketing of the Volkswagen car in Germany. “With our emission-free ID. We can finally prove the fleet to UEFA Euro 2020 that this is not lip foods. Our declared goal is that football fans in the future in the future of electromobility will first think of Volkswagen.”

Volkswagen makes football national team emission-free mobile-nationalVolkswagen

As in the training camp in the Austrian Seefeld, Volkswagen makes the DFB selection even in the EM district in Herzogenaurach emission-free mobile: Apart from a few exceptions, players, coaches and supervisors on the Adidas campus are exclusively on the road exclusively with electrically powered locomotives from the Volkswagen Group. Both the e-bikes of Ducati and Porsche as well as the Ekickscooter of Seat, according to a current announcement, enjoy great popularity.

In addition, five Cargo-e-bikes of Volkswagen commercial vehicles are used. These are mainly used to drive the equipment needed from the property to the training place. Around the DFB district are also numerous fully electric ID.3 and ID.4 on the way. The mobility offer is supplemented by E-Abbt Caravels and E-Crafter of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. In addition, a fully electric ID moves. Buzz Cargo the views of the visitors.

“The DFB is also anxious to establish more sustainable in many areas. We are therefore very pleased that our partner Volkswagen supports the national team in this tournament summer with electrical mobility offers. The team makes electromobility here in Herzogenaurach, as before in the training camp in Seefeld, have fun.”- Oliver Bierhoff, DFB Director National Teams and Academy

Also virtually come the national players in the Base Camp with the topic of electromobility in contact: as already in Seefeld Volkswagen the DFB selection represents an ID.R racing simulator available. With this, the players around Captain Manuel new the recorrect round of the 680 hp electric racing car ID.R at the 20.8 kilometers long Nurburgring Nordschleife descend.

All these measures and mobility offers have a long-term goal beyond football sports: Volkswagen is clearly confesses to the objectives of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement: no later than 2050, it is important to be a bilanz co2-neutral company. At this “Volkswagen Way to Zero” alone, at least 70 percent of the annual sales in Europe should be pure e-cars until 2030, which is well above one million vehicles. For this purpose, Volkswagen brings at least a new E model per year on the market. With the ID.4 GTX has the brand only a few weeks ago the next model of the fully electric ID. Family introduced. This is advertised around the UEFA EURO 2020 by the German football national team.

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2 thoughts on “Volkswagen makes football national team emission-free mobile”

  1. Maybe VW should stop the very well-running home market with press releases and advertising to grow and prefer to focus on the largest automotive market in the world, the ID4 (source Reuters) probably sells just not great compared to Model Y.
    But according to VW, the Model Y is not in the same segment!

    ??? (In which, if not Crossover SUV?)

    Time wants Tell – main thing electrically

  2. The PR machine rolls. There are really good people at VW. Maybe they should also have a say in development.
    But here too, there is big but. If you are allowed to pay over the infinite advertising budget, then it makes life easier. With Fake News you can spare it at short notice. In the long term, however, the satisfied customer counts. Since VW still has great potential. The judicial processes against their own customers speak for this company. The customer is just king – not at VW.


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