Volkswagen New Auto: Big plans for shared mobility

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ID.Buzz AD is to drive through Hamburg as an autonomous shuttle with lidar as early as 2025

Volkswagen New Auto: Big plans for shared mobility-volkswagen

In 2025, the VW Group wants to offer its first autonomous mobility service in Europe; the US is to follow shortly thereafter. With this message, Christian Senger started the "Mobility & Services" part of the New Auto events.

Senger is responsible within the group for the development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Transportation as a Service (TaaS).

The expected revenues in these areas are enormous: In 2030, MaaS (i.e. ride hailing and ride sharing) is expected to bring $ 30 billion in the five most important European markets. And last year around four billion parcels were distributed in Germany.

VW wants to get closer to this cake with autonomously driving taxis or autonomously driving vans. The employees will not become unemployed, however, but can concentrate on the customers – so they will probably have to keep walking up and down stairs.

Volkswagen New Auto: Big plans for shared mobility-mobility

The same software is used for the autonomous vehicles that Cariad uses for the passenger cars. In addition, there must be software for fleet management and an interface for the customers.

For autonomous driving However, a shuttle vehicle not only needs forward-facing sensors, but also has to get a 360-degree all-round picture of its surroundings. Therefore, the technology from cooperation partner Argo AI is used for the shared mobility vehicles. Thereby lidar, Radar and cameras used. This is the only way for an autonomous shuttle to find its way around the complex environment of a large city.

The new lidar from Argo AI (with the special Geiger mode, which can also recognize reflections from residual light at a greater distance) will also be on board Volkswagen's first autonomous vehicle, the ID.Buzz AD. This is to be used in Hamburg for a "pilot service" from 2025. Fleet management and the booking platform are handled by the VW division Moia made available.

This is apparently a ride pooling concept. Ride pooling is a system in which the shuttle is called up via an app and an algorithm automatically creates the logistically cheapest car pools, similar to the one offered by CleverShuttle.

For the USA there is a ride-hailing version with only four seats, and for the delivery of parcels there is a van version with only one seat:

Volkswagen New Auto: Big plans for shared mobility-volkswagen

All shared mobility services – from ride hailing to ride pooling and vehicle rental to car subscriptions – should be booked via a single app:

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In the following video you can see the entire event in the original English version. The "Mobility and Services" part starts at about 1:16.

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