Volkswagen now also offers electric cars in the subscription

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Volkswagen now also offers electric cars in the subscription-subscription

Volkswagen is ahead of digitizing sales and establishing new business models: At the beginning of September, the Volkswagen Carabo started in Germany. Customers can use the fully electric bestseller ID.3 and ID.4 Subscribe now – the ID.3 there are 499 euros per month, converted a good 17 euros per day. “We achieve an important milestone in the business model 2.0 and drive with our Accelerate Strategy to change from the pure vehicle manufacturer to the mobility provider quickly and consistently, “says Klaus Zellmer, Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen.

Towards the end of 2021, Volkswagen also starts its offer for online leasing and online sales in Germany – first in agency sales for the ID.-Family, then the platform as a marketplace will also be available for trading to offer burners as well as hybrid vehicles.

“The number of people grows, who do not necessarily have a vehicle permanently, but want to use it exclusively for a defined period of time. For you we have now developed a new, flexible range between leasing and sharing with the Volkswagen AutoBo now, “says Zellmer. “We estimate that around 20 percent of our sales from subscriptions and other short-term mobility offers could come from 2030 to 2030.”

Volkswagen wants to provide more than 2000 “young used” for the AutoBo in the coming months. This creates one of the largest subscription offers in Germany. Customers can be between the ID.3 and the ID.4 – So exclusively fully electric vehicles. Volkswagen wants to put another sign on his “Way to Zero” and expand its supply of sustainable mobility for all. The subscription was designed jointly with Volkswagen Financial Services, which act as a development center for car subscriptions of the Group’s brands.

Trade should be involved firmly

The car subscription is either at three or from six months minimum term, after which it is always flexible for the customers at any time. In the contract everything is inclusive, except for the cost of the electricity. Specifically, this means: 800 free kilometers per month, full service with approval, main investigation, maintenance, inspections, insurance and taxes. As an offer to the start, the customer can deliver the vehicle with flow of 14 days to his wish site and pick up again. In the future, a delivery of the trading organization is also planned.

The trade is integrated into the subscription model, for example, during maintenance and repair from the beginning and should be successively involved more intensively in order to be the face of the Volkswagen brand as well as in this area. At a later date, for example, it is planned that customers can conclude their subscriptions directly at the dealer. “We will fully play the advantages of our strong commercial network,” says Zellmer.

Start online leasing and sales at the end of 2021

At the same time, the company is progressing quickly to give a further strong digitization boost as part of Accelerate its distribution channels: Volkswagen also wants to offer leasing and sales terminals online at a few months after the start of the Auto subso – first for models of the ID. Family and then also for new and used existing vehicles of all drive types. Traders and their vehicles should be fully in the central digital marketplace of Volkswagen integrated.

The automaker wants to appeal to a larger customer base in this way and generate additional sales. “We bear the changed purchase behavior of customers so account – the customer can choose flexibly between contract conclusion in dealership or online. In any case, we need a strong online appearance along with great customer proximity and local presence about the trade, because a strong brand is based on a promise and trust, “says Zellmer. The trade also remains an important partner when buying online: So customers in the network indicate the dealers of their choice for advice, service or delivery – and this receives the same commission as in the case of an order directly at the trading partner.

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5 thoughts on “Volkswagen now also offers electric cars in the subscription”

  1. We had a crawler with Volkswagen leasing, which was about a special shortage.
    A golf was returned after 3 years leasing, of course in perfect condition.
    Shortly thereafter, a VW report stated that the Navi would have two (Z-W-E-I) pixel errors, which is why the screen should be shared, and this 800 EUR would cost that of the lessee.
    Our letter to VW asked about such a review at the first handover of the tricycle, because there was no review there.
    Especially especially for the determination of pixel errors a special software is needed and two faulty pixels in a Navibild are otherwise not recognizable, VW persisted to his right, despite these.
    Only as with the immediate retrieval of the ID.3-subsequent subsequent position was threatened, in which no pixel control was carried out in case of vehicle handover, VW wonded to his claim.
    The topic VW and Bemodelle of this manufacturer.
    In the future there is no more VW more, but rather a Chinese polestar or Tesla whose trailer hitch has not been mounted at a height of 1m, or with a large battery no luggage or accompanying persons can be taken.

  2. Also quite interesting: The dealer’s association organization is jumping in the square just in the square because with VW about the subscription model and its modalities specifically for trade in conversation, but so far still without finished result &# 128521;

  3. Maybe VW is preparing for the numerous leasing returns in 1 to 2 years ago? They are then technically outdated and before the “crawbel table” must be eradicated they are offered as a subscription. Would be a good idea, because the cars are good and who rentes for a few months does not always need the newest vehicle


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