Volkswagen now also sells the ID.3 in China

Volkswagen now also sells the ID.3 in China-volkswagen

Volkswagen strengthens the E-offensive in China as part of its Accelerate Strategy. The id.3, which belongs to the best-selling E cars in many European countries, will also be offered on the world’s largest market for electromobility from the fourth quarter. Its China premiere celebrates the compact cars a few days ago on the automobile fair in Chengdu.

“The worldwide electrification offensive of Volkswagen continues to start quickly. After the ID.4 and the ID.6 we carry with the ID.3 within just six months already the third fully electric series in China. This makes it clear that in addition to Europe, we also strive for a leading market position for electric vehicles in China.”- Ralf Brandstatter, CEO Volkswagen

After the trade fair appearance in Chengdu, the Chinese customers can still prior to market launch in the fourth quarter of an early bird system.Leave 3 reservation. Already in the past months, more and more customers had for an ID.4 or ID.6 decided. Thus, the deliveries of the ID doubled.-Family in the past three months from 1500 units in May to around 3000 in June and 5800 in July. By the end of the year – subject to the currently difficult semiconductor supply – 80.000 to 100.000 Vehicles of the ID.-Family delivered to customers in China.

Volkswagen China CEO Stephan WOllenstein says: “With the ID.4 and the ID.6 In the past few months, we have successfully introduced two strong model series in the market. Feedback Our customer is promising, the delivery numbers correspond to our expectations. With the ID.3 For our customers, we now create an offer in the important compact segment and cover it together with the other ID.-Models a large part of the market.”

Volkswagen accelerates with the brand strategy accelerate the startup of the electricity worldwide. By 2030, at least 70 percent of the Volkswagen sales in Europe should be pure e-cars. In North America and China, the E-Auto Share should be at least 50 percent until then.

In the first half of the year, Volkswagen was able to deliver almost three times as many e-vehicles in the first half of the year despite the difficult supply situation with semiconductors as in the previous year – a total of around 160.000. This included: around 93.000 pure electric cars (+182 percent) and circa 66.000 plug-in hybrids (+175 percent). In the first six months of this year, Volkswagen was number 1 in Europe for fully electric vehicles with a market share of 15.4 percent.

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4 thoughts on “Volkswagen now also sells the ID.3 in China”

  1. VW can only be wished for the BEVs only after the BEV start out something Mau.
    The Chinese competition NIO, XPENG, GEELY, SMART, Volvo, and many more are more crushing, especially cheaper and stronger.
    VW is the largest burner manufacturer of China, it remains to wish that VW would also create it at the BEVS.
    The targeted goals of 80.000 units are not promising, especially as everything is pushed to a chip crisis in the land of chips, and Tesla, on the other hand, fabricated the 5 to 10 times.

  2. Germany is currently losing China as a car market ..

    China / Asia is already by far the largest market for automotive companies – and that will grow much further. And the German companies have dominated these markets; Especially German manufacturers have made much of their profits in China in the last 10 years (which are transferred to our stock exchanges in Europe). Until now German manufacturers in China sold 50% of all cars. Say every second car sold in China was a VW, BMW, Mercedes etc.

    But in electromobility looks very different:
    Even VW, which now specialize in electro cars, have no chances with their technology in Asia with their technology and value for money. Under the ten e-auto manufacturers with most approvals, there was no single German group in China. Volkswagen was the most successful, while BMW and Daimler even significantly poor sections than Chinese startups such as world champion and Hozon car.

    If the German manufacturers are losing China / Asia as a market, then they lose their main market – and thus profit / sales. Without China / Asia, VW and CO are not even half as big as today.

  3. Let’s see if the ID3 arrives better in China than the ID4 (the software is the same &# 128578; )
    – I wish it VW otherwise it will be with the 450.000 predicted vehicles for 2021 tight – but for need is the chip deficiency of the scapegoat.
    At the end of the year will be billed and then you will see how far the respective manufacturers are removed from their forecasts, and who was hit by chip deficiency or citizens’ initiatives as hard &# 128521;
    Time wants Tell

  4. Every Sell BEV prevents a dirt shaft. VW still has a long way to do it to doed of contaminated sites. Is the European ID3 market already saturated that you have to avoid China. I rather suggest that you want to get rid of so many burners in Europe as much as possible. Success looks different in any case.


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