Volkswagen plans three versions of the VW ID. Buzz

Volkswagen plans three versions of the VW ID. Buzz-versions

As is known, the ID applies. Buzz as Volkswagen van der next generation. Full of electricity this will come to the road from 2022 and appears almost as a modern new edition of the Bulli. Volkswagen plans the market launch of three different versions of its upcoming fully electric delivery van ID.Buzz, which focuses on the markets in Europe and the USA.

For Europe, a six-seat passenger version for carpooling is planned. The rear seats will be individually accessible and have a separate information screen for each passenger. For the US, a ride-hairing variant is planned to bring to the street, which is aimed at customers, which are alone or only in small group. This version of the ID. Buzz is only four seats – two forward and two to the back.

The third version of the ID. Buzz will be a Cargo version. This comes as a commercial electric transporter therefore, which aligns mainly on parcel delivery. The Buzz is intended to sell at the end of next year in Europe and 2024 in the USA. From 2021 VW at the Hanover plant is the new Multivan as a combustion and hybrid and from 2022 the purely electrical ID.Build buzz. The id. Buzz aims like the other vehicles of the ID. Family, especially on the markets in North America, Europe and China. This should also prepare the introduction of autonomous systems for transportation in 2025.

Currently testing the company prototypes with autonomic stage 4 – under certain conditions, the stromases are thus able to drive themselves – to be ready for the commercial transport of persons and goods in 2025. In addition, Volkswagen has potential for a self-propelled van. “Our answer are autonomous delivery vanes for the distribution networks of tomorrow where the deliverers will no longer need a driver’s license and become passengers who focus on their cargo and order of deliveries”, so Christian Senger, VW development leader for autonomous driving.

Senger said VW expect sales of 70 billion euros with mobility services by 2030 in the five largest European markets. VW plans to offer autonomous mobility solutions by 2025 in certain markets. The company sees a significant sales potential through offers such as ride-sharing and automated parcel delivery services.

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5 thoughts on “Volkswagen plans three versions of the VW ID. Buzz”

  1. Plan, vision, build prototypes that do not work and publish everything as success. With China parts no problem. &# 128521;
    The main thing is to sell cars that are not established in Germany nor bolted together by people who deposit in the health and pension funds.

  2. >> As is known, the ID applies. Buzz as Volkswagen van der next generation.
    And that has been around for about 20 years!

  3. Should VW first invest in the realization of the current technology like ID4 my new ID4 after 6 weeks is almost all extremely slowed in the software such as: Welcoming display blit to 1 km still on, the tiles are still slower from week to week, camera fall out, front assistant also needs about 3min
    until the software has loaded and certain extra as massage seat goes independently.
    You say VW has developed the first time a car.
    The friendly VW dealer has no solution yet and at a 60000Euro car,
    After 40 years VW was certainly the last VW.

  4. A “short” buzz (max 420 cm long) as 1-5 seater with removable seats behind I would surely start immediately. That would be the attempt to adequate replacement for my old Mercedes A-Class (3.58 cm long and all !!! Transportation between 1-5 seater, AHK and roof rack!!!) to find. Unfortunately, from all manufacturers, there are only expensive prospectual showcars without benefits for the driver and the unexpected, as too expensive, too big, too heavy and completely practical. Where is German Engineering????


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