Volkswagen’s loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?

VW Phaeton

Volkswagen’s loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?

Volkswagen's loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?-volkswagen
VW VW Phaeton

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Ferdinand Piech had a dream – and Gerhard SchrOder too. One wanted to build the best sedan ever and become the other Chancellor. Because one came to another, the VW Phaeton became as great as it was. But hardly anyone recognized it.

As you know, getting into the league of the luxury limousines is anything but simple. At the Mercedes S-Class and the seven BMW, the competitors from home and abroad have been biting their teeth painfully for years and day. Heads of state, kings, stars and those who will mean it can be chauffeured through the wide world in the luxurious fund. Audi was the first European to seriously imposed and the duet made it an exclusive triumphant. Models such as a Jaguar XJ, Cadillac DTS / STS, Maserati Quattroporte or a Bentley Flying Spur have undoubtedly all their luxurious charm – but driving in the luxury league in terms of reputation and numbers in the luxury league.

When VW wanted to do it on Mercedes

This should not be the case with the VW Phaeton. The noblest, highest quality and most luxurious of all Volkswagen was mentally created in the mid -1990s. So great that you could not find a name that could only have been expressed by the illustrious status. At the beginning, the project D1 and the study of the Concept D1 presented at the end of the 90s should announce something big.

Volkswagen's loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?-phaeton
Manufacturer VW Phaeton

The name of the sun god Helios was later awarded to the series model; A model name that was already worn by some particularly exclusive travel car from Horch or Packard in the pre -war period. The old days of the Phaeton not only reminded the model name, but also details such as the backlit license plates, for which there was an exemption specifically. With the Phaeton, at least at the beginning, only the best was good enough. Therefore, it was not possible to think about the fact that the Wolfsburger’s model should plop off the band in a bold factory.

Mercedes S-Class: Parking of ghosthand

Volkswagen's loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?-luxury

Site/Wochit Mercedes S-Class: Parking of ghosthand

At the time of the automotive abundance, the glass manufacturer Dresden was created with gigantic effort, in which the VW Phaeton was created after Zwickau’s preparatory work in elaborate manual work. During the production, the more of a opera, because a vehicle production was more like a vehicle, mostly wore white gloves and the bodies moved almost noiselessly over the dance and production parquet in the metropolis.

White gloves were worn during the Phaeton construction

The VW Phaeton was to show the widespread Mercedes S-Class, which more and more emerging BMW 7 Series and probably also the related Audi A8 in its second generation are a real luxury sedan from German lands. That was the VW Phaeton always, because his manufacturing quality was terrific apart from small initial spans. The competition approved the luxury folk car and was more impressed. Many doubted whether you could earn money even in the luxury class with such a manufacturing quality. In view of the tiny quantities, a dream, because between the end of 2001 and early 2016 there were little more than 80 in 15 years.000 vehicles manufactured and the image product became a gross grave.

Volkswagen's loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?-phaeton
VW VW Phaeton

Originally, the Volkswagen managers had 20.000 to 30.000 Phaeton calculated per year. It was only strongly supported by a fraction of that. Also because the Phaeton flopped great in the USA and was removed from the market after a few thousand sales. Only in China were sales comparatively stable at the end of the 2010s. Here the luxury model helped that Volkswagen was classified by many Chinese as a premium brand from Germany. A plan that never came up especially in Europe.

Diesel cruisers with Wumms: Audis A8 could drive automatically – but must not

Volkswagen's loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?-volkswagen

Site Diesel cruisers with Wumms: Audis A8 could drive automatically – but must not

Gerhard SchrOder also drove VW Phaeton

Officially, the VW Phaeton was available in two wheelbases of 5.05 and 5.18 meters in length. Gerhard SchrOder, now Chancellor with closest connections to the Volkswagen Group, had exchanged the armored Mercedes S-Classes, with which the Federal Chancellors were otherwise always on the move, into armored protect individual pieces of the Phaeton, many of whom were still performing their everyday service long after his replacement. Again and again the Dresden luxury model appeared in the background at the start of its production at the official appearances by Gerhard SchrOder.

Volkswagen's loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?-luxury
SP-X The VW Phaeton offers real luxury class for today’s little money

It didn’t help the most expensive Volkswagen ever. At least the manageable quantities screwed themselves into the heights mentioned, because Volkswagen finally offered the 233 hp three-liter diesel in the obligatory connection with all-wheel drive and a six-stage automatic gearbox automatic gearbox. Before that, the rough but grand V10 TDI had made a name for itself, which combined 230 kW / 313 hp with gigantic 750 nm maximum torque. No other manufacturer had something like this on offer. But the high-tech engine went out for all strict exhaust gas standards in 2006, because the technical effort to bring it into the Euro 4 pollutant class with a particle filter was too great in view of the homeopathic sales figures in Europe.

Petrol and diesel power with all-wheel drive

In general, the engine portfolio of the VW Phaeton was surprisingly jagged. At the beginning there were meaningless variants as the Schlappen 3.2-liter V6-suction engine, which could not convince in other Volkswagen models. 241 hp, little torque and optionally front or all-wheel drive were neither found as a hand switch nor as an automatic version of any customers. One or the other model was pressed into the agency service and so the drivers of state governments or organizations could look forward to a train-free automatic climate automatic and various high-tech equipment such as distance pomant or dead angle assistant. Abroad, the VW Phaeton – mostly as a 4.2 liter V8 or 6.0 liters W12 – struggled with the Audi A8’s drive genes. The top model with its 450 hp W12 was sown as rare in Europe as the eight -cylinder.

Volkswagen's loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?-luxury
Press Inform / VW / Kai-Uwe Knoth The six -cylinder with 177 kW / 241 hp comes from the Phaeton

The level of comfort in the VW Phaeton was already more than impressive in its first generation. On request, as with the illustrious competition, there was not only long wheelbase, but also a fond -oriented single seat system with initially a central middle screen, telephone and luxury chairs with massage and air conditioning, while electrical roller blinds are completely locked up and darkened slices of the area interested in the area. In retrospect, the number of model places appears almost listed. Again and again the VW Phaeton was improved. However, LED light, new light signatures and small body settails could not disguise that the noble people were never seriously changed.

The Phaeton becomes a coveted classic?

The last model maintenance in 2011 gave him the ultimate new assistance systems with which the flagship opened to the competition, but not outdated. From then on, there was curve, abbreviation light, plus distance of the distance, lane change assistant and a traffic sign recognition that could not only read the speed limit, but also overtaking bans and temporal limits. But in contrast to the more image-prone competition, technical details such as night vision equipment, head-up display or full LED light were left out at the former innovation carrier. In the meantime, there are no longer so many VW Phaeton on the farms of nameless flag dealers, but the luxury petrol engines with top equipment and low mileage are becoming more desirable. In view of the pollutant standards, the diesel only have a chance abroad. The quality is estimated, while the reputation continues to be missing and the maintenance costs are lush. The successor, which was already largely developed, was finally stopped in the mid -2010s to avoid further costs and to prevent a new bankruptcy before market start. So today there is only a luxury model from Volkswagen in the luxury class in China with the VW Phideon.

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Volkswagen's loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?-class

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11 thoughts on “Volkswagen’s loser in the luxury class: The Phaeton is suitable for a classic?”

  1. So
    I had the Phaeton, very happy to drive the 3.0 l TDI a sovereign vehicle ! the … Processing is and was equal to DB or BMW ! Like the parts, all are probably bought by one and the same supplier, especially the all -wheel drive was great. DB and BMW is still struggling today.

  2. Audi Max
    Audi Max Waere certainly a better name for a luxury mobile. And easier to sell. A luxury trabant comes up as a comparison.

  3. In memory of
    The Phaeton was/is a very excellent vehicle, but there were two factors that refused to do all success and were not addressed clearly enough here: First, he showed in a perverse way to what extent the brand moved away from the actual core. And those who didn’t care expect prestige. However, this missing prestige was not necessarily to be established on the brand, but primarily on the fact that the Phaeton was not and will not be perceived in public – at the first, second and third glance there is a Passat, the typical representative car. Only interested parties recognize the Phaeton based on its size and proportions. The Phaeton was too small, or the Passat was too big. With no other manufacturer, the distance is so difficult to recognize

  4. Design failed
    A not inconsiderable proportion of the flop of the Phaeton may also have had its visual proximity to the Passat. Why should I buy a luxury VW for a lot of money if it can hardly be distinguished from afar from the bread and butter of the traveling sales representative? Luxury is always a part of a pose, the Phaeton has put a bad mix and has rightly disappeared into the sinking.

  5. There was still something?…
    Oh yes… There was an important component inside the engine construction that, if it was defective, required the entire disassembly of the entire engine! Cost: 15.000 € or more. The Phaeton was an over -the -counter. My boss once drove one… Maintenance costs and spare parts exorbitantly expensive. Never again!

  6. Of the
    The wheelbase is different from the total length, dear site team. The wheelbase is approx. 3m, i.e. 3000 mm in the extended variant.

  7. I am
    With sure that this VW becomes a sought -after classic car, firstly, this brand will not be a second car in this segment and secondly the small number of items will be produced. I find the remark in the article terrible, diesel only have a chance abroad! Why only abroad? A note to Annalena Baerbock, only Germany saves the world. We just make ourselves ridiculous.

  8. VW plays fire dangerous
    It looks so that no matter what VW does, z. B. Install embarrassing batteries from China in a German product remains extremely popular in Germany. Ok, to accept, although less logical. As a foreigner, European friend, friend of the Germans, I see as spicy, and actually right, for everyone since 2015, the VW brand has been seen in Europe. May be, will sell records in D, A, CH, but it will no longer happen with the other in Europe. Why should I buy German car, some friends ask. How should I explain that: VW made a huge mistake and only paid Americans. VW (and others) silence the big business with Catl, Svolt, and give funny answers when asked about the battery. VW and BMW play dirty on customers…

  9. The only luxury of the VW is its prices
    If you look at the list what extras cost, you get the cold gray.If you can pay 30 billion as a punishment on the side, you have to ask yourself the cars are still too expensive. The goodwill behavior of VW is underground (engine red, control chains, etc.)))

  10. It just remains a VW
    If I have the choice to drive a luxury benz or a luxury VW, then I don’t need to consider. The Phaeton is certainly not a bad car, but DS image one "Volkswagen" is difficult to combine with luxury and exclusivity. And after the exhaust gas scandal and VW’s arrogant and ignorant behavior, this brand is consecrated to death to his cheated German customers. No C02 neutrality or 100 % electrical. The reputation is ruined……

  11. Profit is what counts
    And because she is consecrated to death, she has also made a profit for the first quarter of 2021 that her preferred luxury brand will never achieve despite in her eyes good image.


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