Volkswagen’s new identity: electric car study VW I.D.


Electric car study VW I.D.

"We see that Tesla is very successful in the market"

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The exhaust scandal has permanently scratched the VW image. One now wants to look into the future with an electric offensive. The I.D. study provides an outlook on a first model. in Paris.

A.At the Paris Motor Show (October 1-16), VW is presenting a preview of the first model in its new fleet of electric cars. Plain I.D. is the name of the study, whose series model of the same name will come onto the market in 2020 and then at the latest should make Volkswagen‘s emissions crisis completely forgotten.

The I.D. is driven by an electric motor with 125 kW / 170 PS and covers between 400 and 600 kilometers on one battery charge. It is to be offered in the compact class parallel to the Golf from 2020. The study cannot deny a certain resemblance to the bestseller: The rear design of the new model in particular is based on the VW icon.

The proportions, on the other hand, are somewhat different, with very short overhangs, a short bonnet, flat windshield that merges into the panoramic glass roof and an overall flatter silhouette. Similar to the BMW i3 electric car, the roof elements and the tailgate are set off in black. The I.D. is the first compact VW based on the modular electrification kit (MEB). VW has set itself the goal of selling one million electric cars per year from 2025.

The interior of the I.D. has a very airy design and is already equipped for autonomous driving with a steering wheel that retracts into the cockpit. VW announces a fully automated driving mode in the I.D. for 2025. In addition, the compact can receive parcels when the owner is not at home.

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