Volkswagen: The Golf 7 – longer, wider and a low lifter


The Golf 7 – longer, wider and a low loader

Volkswagen: The Golf 7 - longer, wider and a low lifter-wider

The VW Golf 7 looks like this or something similar to this computer assembly. The unveiling will take place on September 4th in Berlin

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Volkswagen brings out the first details of the new classic. The Golf 7 will be lighter and should consume almost a quarter less than its predecessor. Technology and security are tough.

I.kind of clever. VW cannibalizes the premiere of the new Golf according to all the rules of art and value creation. The group is celebrating the market launch in three stages, which was brought forward from May 2013 to November this year.

The cloth from Golf number seven will be pulled for the world press on September 4th, in Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie. Then the first-borns are mothballed again, until the Paris Motor Show three weeks later. Shortly afterwards, an illustrious group can test it for the first time.

Signed confidentiality agreement

At the start of the Golf Festival, the horsepower machinery turns in the lower speed range. Production has started in the Wolfsburg and Zwickau plants, but only a conspiratorial group of the 65,000 employees who work at VW saw him. Now the secrecy finally released the most important data on the occasion of a workshop. However, not before the smartphones were collected from journalists and a confidentiality agreement was requested.

They had also brought two models of the Golf 7 with them – a body shell and a veiled exhibit, which the security service kept closely guarded. After all, journalists were allowed to sit in the driver’s seat for the first time and marvel at the cockpit from the holy chair. beauty comes from within.

No revolution to be expected

It can be assumed that no all-too-spectacular shell was hidden in the Wolfsburg VW factory forum. "The Golf has to move with the times, but it doesn’t have to represent a revolution," stated Ulrich Hackenberg, VW Development Director, who had already worked on the development of the Golf 5. After all, the old Golf models should "not feel lost". He feels he has a great responsibility that the company bears, says the manager.

Nobody at Volkswagen can afford a flop. The new bestseller is also expected to sell like sliced ​​bread and has increased its circulation to a total of 29 million copies since 1974. In Germany alone, the Golf 6 was registered 120,000 times in the first half of the year. "The new Golf is the most important car for VW and the most important car presentation of the year," says Hackenberg.

100 pounds lost

For this, they believe in the Autostadt, they have properly spruced up the family’s pride. The new dress should look even better on the Golf, but it has slimmed down a lot, up to 100 kilos compared to its predecessor.

At 1150 kilos now, it weighs 22 kilos less than the lightest member of the Golf class to date, the BMW 1 Series, and has leveled off at the level of the four-person Golf. The youngest offspring lost 23 kilos on the body alone. Not by using an (expensive) aluminum structure, but by using "ultra-high-strength" steel, which is forged in a special process and treated with laser technology.

23 percent less fuel consumption

With lightweight construction, manufacturers are primarily trying to save fuel. A quarter of the consumption depends on the weight, so a rule of thumb. According to Hackenberg, the diesel engine should now burn “3. x liters” at 100 km / h, 4.8 liters for the gasoline engine, which is 23 percent less in standard consumption than its predecessor.

The people of Wolfsburg cheer for these values ​​because the comfort allegedly did not have to suffer from the diet – on the contrary. The dimensions have increased. At 4.255 meters, it is now 5.6 centimeters longer and 1.3 centimeters wider (1.799 meters), but 2.8 centimeters flatter (1.452 meters).

That sounds like splitting hairs, in automotive engineering these are quantum leaps. Because by reducing the front section by 0.03 square meters, the new Golf achieves the best aerodynamic (Cd) value in its class, according to the factory.

More legroom in the rear

The design also has a positive effect on the space available in the rear. VW promises 1.5 centimeters more legroom, passengers now have 3.1 centimeters more space in the shoulder area. For a high feel-good factor on board, VW uses a large reservoir of a real test pool. During acceptance runs, the test persons regularly have to tell where there is "pinch or pinch" (Hackenberg).

The trunk also lost some of the space gained and now holds 380 liters, 30 more than the Golf 6 and offers space for two golf bags.

Standard touchscreen

It should be more spacious, lighter and more economical, and also more comfortable and safe. A 5-inch black and white touchscreen is included as standard in every Golf as a pimped up on-board computer; depending on the equipment, it grows to 5.8 inches and even 8 inches in color and with navigation system, which can also be operated with an index finger and thumb like a smartphone.

An infrared sensor ensures that the arrangement on the display changes when the hand approaches.

Only 40 centimeters of parking buffers are required

The Golf 7 is a low loader, and this is not only due to the loading edge of the trunk, which has been pulled down another 1.7 centimeters. The simplicity of the cool and clearly styled cockpit hides the fact that it has safety features in it. Park pilot with 360-degree monitoring, Park Assist 2.0, which only needs a buffer of 40 centimeters at the front and back to the next car when maneuvering, dynamic light assistant that enables driving with high beam without dazzling the person opposite, traffic sign assistant , Automatic distance control, lane departure warning, pre-crash belt tensioner, radar-based city emergency braking function up to 30 km / h and the multi-collision brake, which automatically brakes the accident vehicle after an impact, are evidence of the "democratization of technological progress" for VW man Hackenberg. And probably a question of price.

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