Volta Truck brings 7.5 and 12 to variant of Volta Zero

Volta Truck brings 7.5 and 12 to variant of Volta Zero-volta

Volta Trucks, leading developers and manufacturers of fully electric commercial vehicles from Sweden, has announced in a press release, for which 7.5 and 12 to Volta Zero Volta Zero have already tackled the construction work.

All fully electric models of Volta Trucks build on a common design concept, which comes from ASTHEIM design in Warwick, UK. The 7.5 and 12 to variants are visually oriented visually at the 16 to variant, which was presented in September 2020. This makes the “heart of the brand”, as the CPO of Volta Trucks, Ian Collins, emphasizes. The smaller variants will take over the innovative concept for loading and driver cabinet as well as the high-quality work environment of the driver. The latter impresses with a low, central seating position as well as groundbreaking overview and safety standards. With the 7.5 to variant, especially delivery rides on Sundays should be possible anywhere where there is a driving ban for the 16 to variant these days.

For 2023, the company is already planning to have the first pilot fleets in our commitment, the series production is targeted for 2024. The rapid market overlay within a few years is a trademark of Volta Trucks.

The two announced variants complete the Volta Zero product line, which was presented in May 2021 as part of the “Road to Zero Emission” strategy. This includes a range of fully electric trucks, which are first to be published in the markets of Paris and London, followed by Milan, Madrid, the German Rhine Ruhr area and Randstad in the Netherlands. With the new variants the production of 14 should.000 units 2024 to 27.000 2025 are increased. For the following years, increases are also planned.

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