Volta Trucks introduces first prototype chassis of electric truck Volta Zero

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Volta Trucks introduces first prototype chassis of electric truck Volta Zero-volta

The electrical commercial vehicle start-up Volta Trucks has announced the beginning of the technical evaluation and the development tests of the first prototype of Volta Zero. The beginning of the tests took place shortly after the revelation of the first prototype chassis of the Volta Zero – one of the world’s first fully electric 16-tonnes commercial vehicles designed specifically for domestic logistics.

The prototype called by the development engineers lovingly called “Volta Minus One” is the precursor of the standard Volta Zero. He already use the chassis and powertrain of the planned production vehicle and serve to test all electromechanical and thermal properties of the vehicle, so Volta trucks in a current message. These include the high voltage battery of Proterra and the compact rear axle unit, electric motor and EAXLE transmission from Meritor.

The unconventional driver’s cab of prototype is used exclusively to protect the developer from weather conditions in test drives. The production vehicle will also have a closed suitcase building, while prototype is equipped with an open bunk so that engineers can test different stress conditions in terms of weight and position to test the load capacity.

Serial production should start at the end of 2022

The prototype of Volta Zero will continue to be tested in the coming months at the British consulting firm for vehicle technology and development Horiba Mira. The upcoming test and development program with this and later prototypes, according to the manufacturer, also includes cold weather tests north of the Arctic Circle and hot weather test in southern Europe. The comprehensive test program should ensure that the Volta Zero vehicles in series execution have the robustness and reliability expected of fleet operators and vehicle owners.

Volta Trucks introduces first prototype chassis of electric truck Volta Zero-prototypeVolta Trucks

The findings from the tests will later be incorporated into the construction of pilot fleet vehicles tested and evaluated by those major customers who have already registered for both tests and option for the purchase of serial vehicles. This is intended to provide the potential first customer understanding how the Volta Zero can be integrated into their operations. Serial production of vehicles according to customer specifications should begin at the end of 2022.

“The beginning of the testing and evaluation of the first Volta Zero prototype is an important milestone on our way to production – and an exciting time for the entire team of Volta Trucks and our customers. That we have reached this milestone in just eight months is a great example of the flexible and agile approach we follow with Volta Trucks. We work with high pressure to bring emission-free, fully electric commercial vehicles quickly on the market, because our customers need such vehicles as soon as possible. We have to go through a comprehensive and thorough development program, but the beginning of the prototype tests shows that we are on the right track to deliver the first production vehicles on time until the end of next year.”- Ian Collins, Chief Product Officer by Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks develops the Volta Zero electric truck specifically for the inner-city movement of goods to reduce the environmental impact of the delivery and movement of goods in domestic cities. The Volta Zero was conceived from the ground up with a purely electric range of 150 to 200 km. The manufacturer expects to be able to save 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2025.

The topic of security is also the focus at Volta Trucks. The Volta Zero was designed for the electric drive from the beginning, which also enables great improvements for the safety for vehicle, driver and pedestrians. Thanks to the moving of the internal combustion engine, the driver of a Volta Zero sits in a central driving position, with a much lower seat height than in conventional commercial vehicles. This and the generously glazed cabin of the production model offer the driver a wide, 220 degree field of view and minimize dangerous dead angles. The prototype of the Volta Zero was presented in September 2020, the first test vehicles should be delivered at the end of 2021.

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