Volvo introduces new Elektrobus platform BZL

Volvo introduces new Elektrobus platform BZL-platform

Volvo Buses builds its electromobility offer worldwide. With the introduction of the new BZL Electric chassis, the manufacturer wants to offer a solid platform for sustainable and efficient public transport in cities around the world and ensure reliable and profitable operation for customers.

The BZL Electric Chassis has a powertrain developed by Volvo, which can be interpreted differently depending on the application, be it as a single or dual engine unit. The latter has a total output of 400 kW. The 200 kW drive unit builds up to 425 nm on torque. The two-stage automatic transmission increases the wheel torque at a low speed and equals current tips, reducing energy consumption and the life of the engine and battery is to be extended, so Volvo.

The mobile substructure is designed for high charging flexibility and uses hardware interfaces for both the OppCCharge high performance loading with up to 300 kW on the road on a pantographer as well as for the CCS loading with up to 150 kW at the cable in the depot. 282 kWh, 376 kWh or a maximum of 470 kWh can be installed on battery capacity. Which ranges can be achieved with, volvo is still open. Experience has shown that electric buses consume depending on the size between 100 and 150 kWh at 100 kilometers of route.

Volvo introduces new Elektrobus platform BZL-introducesVolvo

The worldwide demand for innovative solutions for e-mobility in public transport rises steadily, and Volvo Buses expects rapid growth for the coming years: “With the new Volvo BZL Electric we offer a global platform for a clean, quiet and energy-efficient public transport to meet the rising demand in important markets, which are ready for the conversion to electromobility, “says Anna Westerberg, President of Volvo Buses.

Environmental protection is at the center of Volvo, and sustainability, less noise, fewer emissions and less CO2 are crucial. In order to achieve the highest environmental benefits, the manufacturer is also important to the approach of circular economy. The BZL Electric platform was therefore designed to be more than 90 percent recycled.

Volvo introduces new Elektrobus platform BZL-introducesVolvo

The new Volvo BZL Electric is designed for both classic solo effects with up to 12 meters in length as well as for double-decker applications with multiple Options for Construction Manufacturers. According to the manufacturer, the platform is based on proven technologies that are already implemented in Europe. All suspension and powertrain components were developed and produced by Volvo themselves, as the manufacturer emphasizes.

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