Volvo promises more E-car range via Range Assistant App

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Volvo promises more E-car range via Range Assistant App-range

Who is traveling with a fully electric Volvo, should be able to optimize the vehicle range in the future with the help of an app, as the manufacturer announces. In the course of the recent over-the air software update, the Swedish premium car manufacturer introduces the new Range Assistant app. Among other things, it should improve battery management and regeneration performance, an intelligent timer also bring the high-voltage battery faster to temperature.

The Range Assistant App published as a beta version is a current example of the Volvo Cars strategy: the company increasingly takes the software development into its own hand to provide an even better customer experience. The app helps the drivers to keep an eye on the available range of their purely electric Volvo and to optimize through intelligent energy management and efficient driving style.

The app embedded in the Android-based infotainment system displays the remaining range and the real-time energy consumption of the electric car. The driver also experiences how individual factors influence the range. The integrated range optimization function can also control the air conditioning: Just on longer trips, this useful feature should help reduce the number of charging stops and can cover larger distances per battery charge.

However, how many additional kilometers can be possible via app optimization, Volvo leaves open. Experience has shown that any e-driver will come to a different result: If so far was more sporty and research, thanks to the proposed measures, will certainly become significantly more kilometers into the plus as an e-driver, which before the app uses as energy-efficient and economical was on the way.

Volvo Cars wants to gradually develop the app and supplement additional functions. For this purpose, for example, a driver coaching: this contains Volvo intelligent and easy-to-follow recommendations to adapt driving style and speed and thus maximize the range.

Who drives a Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric, gets the app with the next software update wireless over-the-air. In the new Crossover model Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric, which is produced for a few weeks, the app is already preinstalled.

“Through the in-house development of software and over-the-air updates, we can constantly improve our vehicles and ensure that every fully electric Volvo is always up to date,” explains Sanela Ibrovic, Head of Connected Experience at Volvo Cars. “The Range Assistant App is a great example of how the rapid development and deployment of new features improves the Volvo customer experience every day.”

More features over-the-air

Volvo Cars has been offering over-the-air updates for its vehicles since the beginning of this year. Shortly more models and markets should follow. Already delivered vehicles can be steadily updated with the updates and bringing up to date – a workshop visit is not necessary for this.

With the latest update, which is expected to be available until the end of October for all affected models, in addition to the Range Assistant app, improvements to the security systems should also be made and new information about the effects of cold weathering on the battery range and different error corrections are fed. Both the Center Display in the vehicle and the Volvo Cars app inform the driver about the scheduled software update: its download and installation process can also be tracked via the app notifications.

Sources: Volvo – Press Release of 19.10.2021

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