Volvo station wagon: The new V90 Cross Country is so rustic


The new giant station wagon from Volvo can also be rustic

Volvo station wagon: The new V90 Cross Country is so rustic-country

The new Volvo V90 Cross Country is designed to convey the spirit of freedom and adventure

Source: Volvo

The first examples of the V90, the new giant station wagon from Volvo, can just be seen on the streets – and the Swedes are already showing the rustic variant. It fits perfectly with the current holiday trend.

W.if he is self-respecting today, he does glamping on holiday: no other form of travel was as popular this summer as glamorous camping, the five-star variant of a holiday with a tent and caravan. A car like the new Volvo V90 Cross Country comes in handy.

Because when the Swedes bring their off-road suit on the market six months after the luxury truck and limousine in spring 2017, they are asking for a super classy adventure holiday.

Just like with glamping They rely on the contrast between frugal optics and feudal inner life. On the outside, the V90 therefore has the usual trekking set consisting of new aprons on the front and rear, the plastic band around the edge of the car and the extensions on the wheel arches.

Volvo station wagon: The new V90 Cross Country is so rustic-cross

Jacked up almost seven centimeters further: the new Cross Country

Source: Volvo

But inside the rustic station wagon is just as elegant as the sedan S90 and the "normal" station wagon V90. It remains with the unusually empty cockpit with the unconventional, because vertical touchscreen and the airy interior, which makes the V90 appear larger than it already is. And of course the trunk volume of 560 to 1526 liters remains the same.

The new V90 Cross Country from Volvo is a station wagon for adventurers

While many competitors only strive for the beautiful appearance and therefore there are cars like the Audi Allroad also with front-wheel drive, the Swedes mean it Serious about the thirst for adventure. So you don’t just jack up the car by just under seven centimeters.

They combine all four engines, from the 190 hp diesel to the 320 hp petrol engine, always and exclusively with all-wheel drive. This is no wonder in a homeland, almost 80 percent of which is covered with forests and lakes and the adventure off the road is actually part of everyday life for many.

And above all, it is no wonder at a company that co-invented the idea of ​​the all-terrain suit almost 20 years ago. The new Cross Country should also convey this spirit of freedom and adventure.

The Swedes have just given the first look at the new Cross Country and revealed a few details about the drive and equipment. But they still owe one piece of information: the price.

But if the civilian V90 with front-wheel drive starts at 45,800 euros, the adventure version with all-wheel drive will be available for barely less than 55,000 euros. So it is quite possible that the next glamping holiday will have to wait a bit.

Unless you sleep in the car – which would be pretty glamorous camping with such a luxury liner.

Volvo station wagon: The new V90 Cross Country is so rustic-volvo

How much the new giant station wagon from Volvo will cost is not yet known

Source: Volvo

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