Volvo tests electric truck under winter extreme conditions

Volvo tests electric truck under winter extreme conditions-volvo

Many of us know that – when it gets cold outdoors, the smartphone battery loses power. To avoid this fate – transfer to a larger scale – Volvo Trucks has tested its electric truck with extreme cold near the Polar Circle. The result? A function that maintains the battery power, even at temperatures far below freezing.

“We have customers around the world and our trucks have to work everywhere. Therefore, tests among adverse climatic conditions are essential, of course, which also applies to our electrically powered vehicles, “says Jessica SandstrOm, SVP Product Management at Volvo Trucks. What happens with a battery powered truck when the thermometer displays -25 ° C and gets stronger wind? To find out, Volvo Trucks has carried out winter tests in the utmost north of Sweden.

“In the practical testing of our trucks in northern Sweden near the Polarkreis, we expect the vehicles to all all conceivable adversities of nature,” says SandstrOm. “The wind enables the vehicle from the outside, which we can convince ourselves very well that everything works properly even under extreme conditions. Our tests have shown that our electrically powered trucks are well suited for operation with extreme cold.”

A tangible result of the winter tests is the new smartphone function “Ready to run”, which means “ready to drive”. Depending on requirements, this function prepares the vehicle on the working day by prehauling the batteries and cab or cooled with very warm weather. The optimum temperature for batteries is about + 25 ° C and the driver can preheat or. Prepare easily via an app by remote access.

Elektro trucks make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, but so far only a small part of the total truck market on such vehicles is omitted. This year, a few hundred fully electric heavy electric trucks were delivered to European transport companies. That should change soon: “We are progressing the change and take a leading position on the European market for electrically powered trucks. Already now we produce electric trucks in series and supply customers throughout Europe and North America. Our goal is that by 2030 about 50 percent of our sold trucks are electrically operated, “concluding SandstrOm.

The Ready-To-Run function is available for the Volvo FH, FM and FMX Electric models used for regional freight traffic and light construction.

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  1. Then I want to add the current press release right away.

    Volvo Trucks introduces a new, patented security system for electric truck – Active Grip Control. The new technology significantly improves driving stability, acceleration and braking on slippery backgrounds.

    (Source: VolvoRucks.DE – 25.1.2022)

    This makes the E-trucks even more wintering.


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