Volvo, Uber and IKEA call burners from 2035

Volvo, Uber and IKEA call burners from 2035-ikea

The association of the automotive industry provides for a factual ban on internal combustion engines in the EU. Such a message in mid-April 2021. But it was probably not with a confession of 27 companies, which pronounce themselves from 2035 no more cars with internal combustion engine. Including Volvo Cars, Uber and Ikea.

27 companies from various industries call on the European Union in an open letter, no later than 2035 no new cars to allow for internal combustion engines. In addition to Volvo Cars, which had already announced from 2030 only electric cars to build, among other things IKEA, SKY, Uber and Vattenfall as signatories of the letter were included. One arguing by such a clear decision to send the company planning security and a clear investment signal for the future. In this respect, such a request is approved.

Anders Karrberg, in Volvo Cars responsible for sustainability, continued the thoughts on the open letter: “With our plans to bring only electric vehicles to the market from 2030, Volvo Cars wants to become a pioneer in the transition to emission-free mobility in our industry. To accelerate this transition, however, it requires clear specifications and assistance from governments.”

The Date 2035 corresponds to the assessments of the COP26 Presidency and the United Nations, which is required for the sale of new vehicles with combustion and hybrid engines by 2035 in the most important markets (including the EU) to the global emissions up to 2050 at net -Null to reduce. The EU Commission will set new goals in June as part of its Legal Package ‘Fit for 55’, so that the EU will save at least 55 percent of its emissions by 2030 and is climate-neutral up to 2050.

For overhead, one end of the combustion would mean that new E-cars are cheaper and used electric vehicles significantly more demanded. “This is one of the most important hurdles eliminating the frequent riders – even those on the Uber platform – depending on the leap into the electric age”, according to Europachefin Anabel Diaz.

Car manufacturers are already reacting with the introduction of many new electric car models as well as setting investments in new drives with fossil fuels. Some, like Bentley and Volvo, are already planning a purely electric future. Other manufacturers relocate the production of internal combustion engines to partners and suppliers or in factories outside their home countries.

At the same time, almost all automakers are concerned about obtaining their margins in a world only with electric vehicles – and therefore examine new sources of revenue, z.B. Based on data and associated services. In our article “Why the end of combustion cars is in sight” we considered the whole thing a little more detailed.

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3 thoughts on “Volvo, Uber and IKEA call burners from 2035”

  1. From the article:

    “At the same time, almost all automakers are concerned about keeping their margins in a world only with electric vehicles …”

    There should be all this at a certain 5-letter manufacturer &# 128521; look at, with which technical, strategy and marketing measures MAN Z.B. In pure eauto production at own expense not only constantly expanding its own large-loading network but also steadily continued to invest in new factories, which also in apparently very short time take the production ..

  2. A general ban is actually unnecessary. From the time the cost parity is reached, it will go in the direction of 90 +% Bev anyway.
    In addition, you can continue sports cars such as Z.B. Offering Porsche 911er with burner.
    You get the CO2 neutral with effel or hydrogen.

  3. How good for the Federal Government not to have made this requirement, because otherwise they would have to deal with billions-heavy compensation claims of the industry of the Diesel Scatters or. of the VDA as a lobby – if the policy RWE deal finds his imitators. (So, irony again)


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