Volvo will only offer electric cars from 2030

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Six new electric models by 2025, one to be unveiled today

Volvo will only offer electric cars from 2030-only

It is becoming increasingly clear: from 2030 it will be tight for the combustion engine, at least as far as new cars are concerned. Now Volvo is announcing that by the end of this decade they only want to sell electric cars – no more pure combustion engines and no plug-in hybrids either.

"There is no longer a long-term future for cars with internal combustion engines," predicts Henrik Green, Volvo’s Chief Development Officer. This enables us to meet the expectations of our customers and to be part of the solution in the fight against climate change. "

With the end of combustion in 2030, Volvo will implement its electrification strategy faster than initially planned. In addition to the climate problem, one of the reasons is the growing demand for electric vehicles: More and more customers are choosing electrified Volvo models, and the proportion of vehicles with combustion engines is shrinking. Ever stricter legal regulations and the continuous expansion of the charging infrastructure are also accelerating the acceptance of electric cars.

The step towards full electrification is accompanied by the decision for digital direct sales: All fully electric models will only be available online. Right now that’s only one, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric. But in the course of today (March 2nd) Volvo presents another fully electric model based on the Volvo 40 series.

Everything about the "further fully electric model" and newer from Volvo: Volvo will only offer electric cars from 2030-cars Volvo C40 Recharge (2021): The coupe SUV version of the XC40

Volvo will only offer electric cars from 2030-cars Volvo shows puzzling layout picture of a new electric car

But it shouldn’t stop with two electric cars either: In the coming years, the Swedish premium brand will be launching numerous other fully electric models on the market. The picture published by Volvo (see above) shows seven vehicles, one of which has already been unveiled (XC40) and another is to be unveiled today.

Addendum: After introducing the C40, Volvo replaced the above picture with this one, on which the C40 can be seen in the second line:

Volvo will only offer electric cars from 2030-volvo

That leaves five previously unknown electric cars to be unveiled by the middle of the decade (i.e. 2025). We assume that the cars are revealed from left to right.

Then the next model will probably be an electric XC60 (top line, to the right of the XC40). The next candidate is apparently a small hatchback sedan, i.e. a compact electric car. It could be the XC20 reported by AutoExpress.

This is followed by another model (left in the bottom line), which is likely to be a mid-range station wagon a la V60. In line 2 on the far right there is a larger coupe SUV, perhaps the coupe SUV variant of the XC60. And finally, at the bottom right as the last model, a large SUV a la XC90 or a bus of the same format.

In any case, electric vehicles are expected to account for half of global sales by 2025, with hybrids accounting for the rest. Then with the new decade every new Volvo will be be fully electric on the move.

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