Vulcan Energy: Verified, CO2-neutral lithium from Germany

Vulcan Energy: Verified, CO2-neutral lithium from Germany-lithium

Lithium is known to be an important component for the lithium-ion battery of the same name. Sometimes it is so that the raw material is usually obtained from South American salt plants. About the lithium degradation in the Salar de Atacama we had already reported accordingly. In the future, there are now also lithium from Germany. Vulcan Energy Resources will start from autumn of this year, to attract lithium sustainable and co2-neutral in the German Oberrheingraben at Offenburg and verify this by Circulor.

Circulor was already the more often theme in our portal, as they have been in complex supply chains since 2017, such as cobalt, mica, nickel and now also lithium. The company is currently working with some large, well-known companies such as Volvo, Daimler, Boeing, Polestar or Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. together. In the future also with Vulcan Energy to bring a corresponding transparency of lithium recovery in Germany.

“The electric car battery mark is developing rapidly and there are various new actors. Those who create it to prove verified sustainable practices are clearly in the advantage, “is Circulors CEO Douglas Johnson-Poensgen sure. “We are pleased to support Vulcan to cover Europe’s need for resources for sustainable electric car batteries for many years,” concluding the Circulor CEO.

By working with Circulor, Vulcan Energy Resources responds early to an EU Battery Regulation. which the European Commission presented in December 2020. This provides ecological and ethical minimum requirements in particular for lithium-ion batteries as needed in electric cars. This Regulation, the implementation of which is provided for 2022, also contains binding regulations for the CO2 footprint of batteries. Because CO2 friendly mobility must therefore not stop on the petrol column, but always has to keep an eye on the entire supply chain.

Together with Circulor, such consideration is possible. “Cooperation between Circulor and Vulcan will enable us to win completely traceable, transparent and sustainable lithium in and for Europe,” says Vulcans CEO and founder DR. Francis wedin. The cooperation of the two companies not only shows Vulcan‘s commitment to a transparent and sustainable supply chain, but also has the way to a complete sustainable electromobility, as shown in the corresponding message concluding.

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  1. After all, a start! Basically, it is very welcome when materials are obtained under ecologically acceptable conditions, not only to be shipped to the globe, contribute to value creation in their own country and increase security of supply. However, there would be similar standards everywhere in the world to actually be able to talk about an ecological breakthrough in procurement so far as critically assessed battery materials. Unfortunately, it is to be feared that the lithium thus produced can not be competitive, as long as BSW China is completely indifferent, under what conditions (work, social and environmental standards) these raw materials are obtained. I am also conceivable that European manufacturers provide certain shares in the “ecologically correct” lithium of their battery lithium. This would ultimately be more a PR measure for the purpose of greenwashing – as we already know BSW of some alleged “fair trade” products.


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