VW also plans electric version of California

VW also plans electric version of California-plans

The popular motorhome VW CALIFORNIA is currently based on the model T6, but is supposed to come from 2025 as an electric version. This reports “Auto Motor and Sport”. The decision has the VW Supervisory Board on 9. December decided. The technical basis therefore provides the future electrobus ID. Buzz, which is to go in series from 2022. The id. California will combine the continuing trend towards mobile leisure activities with CO2 neutral mobility, VWN brand chief Carsten Intra is quoted.

As early as summer 2021, the work on the construction of the new production line is scheduled in Hanover, on which the electrical buses start from 2022. It is manufactured there first the ID. Buzz in the car and cargo version – and later then the motorhome variant. Also at ID-California, there is probably a hull with sleeping accommodation for two persons, an integrated kitchen, fitted wardrobes as well as a built-convertible seating group. Because the ID. Buzz something less place than the T6 brings, it is likely to be in the ID. California a little cuddly approach, suspects “AMS”.

However, the final design still seems a lot in the suspension. Most recently, displeasure was silent under Bulli fans because of the ID. Buzz obviously clearly deviates from the formerly presented study. In contrast, photographed ErlkOnige sail very conventional, is complained of various social networks. They are very similar to the current Multivan version T7, it says. The then showcar of the electric bus had about camera rearview mirrors and an extravagant inner life. Classic door handles, as they are now recognizable, were not visible to the debut.

Maybe hopeful interested parties of ID. Buzz and Co. Even a little more out of your ideal performance. At “mirror.”If a VW speaker is quoted with the words, the future production vehicle must be kept to the technical possibilities of the MEB platform, on which already the current electric cars ID.3 and ID.4 arise. Among them, the surfer idyll could suffer a little.

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4 thoughts on “VW also plans electric version of California”

  1. The first study of ID Buzz before 4? Years, my wife and I wanted to buy immediately.

    I only say today: too bad VW,
    Too bad that in your new 9 year plan seems to be so little room for innovation and courageous design

    I’m curious how the image on campsites will change over the next 5-10 years when other players are entering the Bulli’s original playground.

    Time wants Tell &# 128521;

  2. The technical possibilities of the MEB are quite 7-seater, even with the payload one has possibilities. I suspect, the big version will come on the market only with the 111 battery. It makes sense to bring the market start first to bring the versions that are meaningfully equipped with 77 kWh. Incidentally, the T1 is actually available from VW Eclassics. E-up technology and MEB Battery up to 54 kWh. I think there will soon be released the 77 battery. Space is.

  3. Really a pity the decision with the design. Nothing has remained from the beautiful front of the study. I hope that a tuner will be bundled and gets taught: /

  4. I find everything rather logically and explain: the ID.Buzz will probably first come to the market for a maximum of 77 kWh battery. A camper van with acceptable range at an affordable price is currently not possible. An id.Buzz / ID.California with 111 kWh battery would be too heavy and too expensive. Most likely, the Mercedes EQV can serve as a model at this point, which offers 100 kWh battery just 360 km range and at least. 71.388 € costs. Since you can roughly calculate that an ID.California with 111 kWh battery and camping equipment as a newly developed vehicle at approx. 100.000 € Start price. And that’s just too expensive. That’s why a market start is planned in a few years.

    The design is personally important to me personally. I wish a camping mobile in Bulli size with acceptable travel range at an affordable price, no matter which manufacturer.


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