VW also wants to take on Tesla when it comes to charging infrastructure

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Investments in fast chargers will increase and they will support Plug and Charge in 2022

VW also wants to take on Tesla when it comes to charging infrastructure-infrastructure

With its superchargers, Tesla is showing how you can create an additional sales argument with your own charging network. Volkswagen has recognized this and now wants to compete with Elon Musk in this area as well. This emerges from a Reuters interview with Elke Temme, who is responsible for charging and energy in the Volkswagen component division of the VW Group..

Temme performed at the VW Power Day in March. At the "New Auto" event in July, Temme then explained Elli’s ambitions, the Group’s charging network brand. Now she said they wanted to increase the number of employees and investments at Elli. "We invest in huge growth areas that don’t always have to be profitable right away. We always see these investments in the overall context of our corporate strategy," said Temme.

Tesla has 30,000 superchargers, VW is aiming for 45,000 columns

Tesla recently set up its 30,000th Supercharger, as the US company announced via tweet. And the network should continue to grow: it will triple in the next two years of the charging options planned. Accordingly, the network would then have to include 90,000 charging stations worldwide.

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The VW Group is also working on a charging network that is to be expanded to 45,000 charging points by 2025, as Temme explained at the New Auto event:

VW also wants to take on Tesla when it comes to charging infrastructure-infrastructure

Temme at the New Auto Event: Expansion of the fast charging network by 2025

The network includes the chargers from VW’s American subsidiary Electrify America and the chargers from the Ionity joint venture (which also includes other manufacturers). But also external partners such as Iberdrola in Spain, BP in Great Britain, Enel in Italy and CAMS in China. According to the report, an expansion to 45,000 charging points means almost a quadrupling; the charging network currently comprises around 11,000 rapid charging stations.

Expansion of the European charging network

VW also wants to take on Tesla when it comes to charging infrastructure-wants

The 18,000 charging points in Europe should cover a third of the demand (VW Power Day)

Sufficient for 54,000 fast chargers in Europe?

In Europe, the fast charging network is to include 18,000 columns, which corresponds to a third of the need in 2025, according to the VW Power Day in March. VW wanted to invest 400 million euros for this at the time. However, that is not even ten percent of the amount of five billion that, according to the European Union, has to flow into the charging infrastructure by 2040.

In the summer, the EU had stipulated that in future there would be an HPC column every 60 kilometers on the expressways of Europe must stand. Of course, VW was not yet able to take these requirements from July into account in March. Temme did not want to say how much the company wants to spend now.

Unlike Tesla, the VW Group’s fast-charging network should be open to all brands, according to the manager. But she obviously doesn’t mean the brand-specific charging network that Porsche is currently building, and also at the Audi charging hubs the cars from Ingolstadt should at least have priority.

Plug & Charge from 1st quarter 2022

Temme also announced interesting news on the subject of payment options: Plug & Charge technology will be available from the first quarter of 2022 to be introduced. Obviously, this relates to the fast chargers. But VW has also announced the introduction of this user-friendly authentication option for electric cars. So it will be interesting to see whether charging will soon be easier.

More about charging networks: VW also wants to take on Tesla when it comes to charging infrastructure-tesla Tesla opens the first ten Supercharger locations for other brands

VW also wants to take on Tesla when it comes to charging infrastructure-infrastructure Stellantis is planning its own charging network with 15,000 locations by 2025

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