VW Amarok 2023 – First information about the new model

VW Amarok 2023

Wildwest in Wolfsburg: VW pickup Amarok gets a new edition

VW Amarok 2023 - First information about the new model-information
Press Inform The VW Amarok. 2022 comes a new Ford-based model

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

Ford has just presented his new ranger as a future volume pick-up for all men, there is a tentative view of the upcoming VW Amarok from Hanover. In 2022 he rolls to the dealers – on a technical basis of the new ranger.

Pick Ups are a gigantic market worldwide, but in Europe the off -road vehicles with the large loading area have been struggling for decades. Again and again there were more or less serious attempts from various manufacturers to come into business in Europe. For example, Mercedes already offered the first generation of its G-Class as a commercial vehicle with an open loading area and the original Land Rover Defender has also been a rustic pick up for the army for year and day.

Pickups: Not in XXL format in Europe

Since the mighty full-size-pick-ups such as Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado or RAM 1500, unlike in the United States, are only sold in homeopathic doses of importers in Europe, the supposed pick-up medium class is usually the end.

VW Amarok 2023 - First information about the new model-information
ford The Ford Ranger forms the basis of the new VW Amarok

For years the Ford Ranger has been the bestseller as a small brother of the US mass model F-15. Although the current generation is in the run and is faced with the replacement, there was a Europe -wide sales record of 45 in 2020.000 vehicles, which means a market share of almost 40 percent. Competitors such as the Mercedes X-Class, the Renault Alaskan or the VW Amarok (at least in Europe) have now been removed from the market and so models such as the Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200 or an ISUZu D-MAX can still be bought.

Blice ice – well and? VW’s all-weather SUV in the test

VW Amarok 2023 - First information about the new model-2023

Site Blice ice – well and? VW’s all-weather SUV in the test

Ford Ranger becomes a VW Amarok

The new generation of the Ford Ranger, especially in Australia, comes to the customers in mid -2022 and there should be a brother at the end of the year. The sister model comes from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and is said to have the name Amarok on the large tailgate again. Until its attitude in Europe, the VW Amarok was manufactured at the Hanover plant and the Argentine Pacheco. The upcoming generation should become a real Volkswagen, which should become difficult in view of the technical relationship to the new Ford Ranger. At least with the design, however, there will be real VW genes.

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The upcoming Ford Ranger will roll off the assembly line from spring 2022 and a little later in South Africa. The European versions of Ford Ranger and VW Amarok come from the Silverton / South Africa plant.

Six cylinder as a power option

The new ranger chassis offers a 50 millimeter wheelbase compared to the previous model and a 50 millimeter wider track. The new vehicle structure of the front section creates a larger installation space under the bonnet for the use of a six-cylinder diesel in V-shape and later the following electrification. After extensive customer surveys, the new Ford Ranger starts exclusively with diesel drives.

VW Amarok 2023 - First information about the new model-information
ford Ford Ranger

In addition to a two-liter base diesel with four cylinders, which is optionally offered as a hand switch or automatic version with six levels, there is a stronger four-cylinder double turbo and as a top model the long-term V6 diesel with three liters of displacement, the mandatory The well-known ten-speed automatic is linked.

V6 diesel, hybrid, two all-wheel drive systems

To assume that the stronger ranger variant with the same three-liter diesel is offered, which is also offered on request in the big brother Ford F-150 and does 250 PS / 597 Nm here. Depending on the engine variant, the new Ford Ranger is either a permanent all -wheel drive mode with a switchable all -wheel drive or for the stronger versions.

G-Class too boring? Mercedes now has a pickup – and he can do that

VW Amarok 2023 - First information about the new model-amarok

Site G-Class too boring? Mercedes now has a pickup – and he can do that

This should all also apply to the upcoming VW Amarok, which was recently only offered with a 272 hp V6 diesel, or that is further offered in the southern hemisphere of Argentine production. However, after Volkswagen also increasingly rely on petrol engines and plug-in hybrids during his new T7 transporter, it can be assumed that the Hanoverians will not only present their next amarok generation with high-torque fusses.

Can your golf that too? What you can do with a pickup

VW Amarok 2023 - First information about the new model-2023

Can your golf that too? What you can do with a pickup

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