VW and Greece start project “Electric island”

VW and Greece start project

The Greek island of Astypalea should become the electric island. These have agreed Volkswagen and the Greek government, the Group reports. The experiment exciting in the words will start at the airport with a brand new charging column for e-cars, emerges from a message. The beginnings of a transformation that ASTYPALEA should fundamentally change in the coming years. The long-term goal is a showing island for sustainable mobility and green energy.

For the official start of the project, Volkswagen boss Herbert this and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis came to the island. In the main town of Chora, this was presented by the local police her new service vehicle: the Volkswagen ID.4 is the first electrical police car Greece. The harbor police, the airport authority and the island administration are now electrically on the way.

To the fleet include e-cars also two escoters of Seat Mo. There are the first E vehicles on ASTypalea, many more should follow. The sale to private and business customers should start at the end of June. In the next step, the new mobility services would follow, it says: Both the fully electric car sharing and the ride-sharing service are already in preparation.

Volkswagen boss This emphasized the importance of the project far beyond Greece: “Astypalea is a future laboratory for the decarbonization in Europe. On the island we explore in real time what people moved to switch to e-mobility and what incentives need it for the transition to a sustainable lifestyle.”The findings would help to accelerate the change towards sustainable mobility and green energy in Greece. Worldwide profits of climate protection enormous traction. “ASTYPALEA can become a blueprint for fast changes – promoted by the close cooperation between governments and companies.”

According to VW, the transformation also includes an energy transition towards regenerative electricity. So far, ASTYPALEA is supplied almost exclusively with electricity from diesel generators, the CO2 emissions amount to nearly 5000 tonnes per year. As part of the visit, the Greek government now announced details about the new energy system. In the future, the electricity should come mainly from solar energy. In a first step, a solar field with a capacity of 3 megawatts is installed until 2023. Thus, 100 percent of E-vehicles and up to 60 percent of the total island can be supplied with green stream.

To the new energy system, according to VW, a buffer battery with 7 megawatt hours storage capacity, with which the network balances and the solar energy can be used best as possible. In a second step, the proportion of renewable energies should be further expanded by 2026 and in the future covers more than 80 percent of electricity requirements. With the new energy system, not only the CO2 emissions are sinking, but probably the energy costs. The Greek government expects more than 25 percent savings potential.

The meaning of the project is far beyond Greece, it says. ASTYPALEA can serve as a unique future laboratory: As in the time lapse, the opportunities and challenges were observed here that governments are confronted worldwide in the transformation of business and society.

To better understand these factors, the project is also scientifically accompanied. Experts of the University of Strathclyde (Scotland) and the University of the Aegean Sea (Greece) will regularly consult people on ASTYPALEA and obtain their feedback on the changes. The study should help to systematically involve the perspective of the Island Community and to gain a fundamental understanding of the transformation process. The results should then be provided with the general public.

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  1. Who invented it – no this time not Ricola – but again Tesla.
    No matter – main thing electrically &# 128521;

  2. Good thing. Especially on islands, fossil energy is nonsense (apart from climate change) because it has to be delivered by ship. and 3mw Pv is likely about. 2 hectares need a small fraction of the 10.000 ha great island (if I do not spook on the order of magnitude like the lung doctors &# 128521; )
    Edit: I had corrected.


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