VW Beetle Diesel: The hunchbacked brother of the Golf is becoming an endurance runner


Golf’s hunchbacked brother is becoming an endurance runner

VW Beetle Diesel: The hunchbacked brother of the Golf is becoming an endurance runner-beetle

VW is now offering the Beetle with a new entry-level diesel engine. The price is not small, however, it is 19,375 euros

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VW expands the engine range for the Beetle. New entry-level units make the car cheaper, and a new diesel only consumes 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers. But it also has a disadvantage.

E.r runs and runs and runs – this advertising slogan for the old VW Beetle can now also be taken literally by Beetle drivers. Because six months after the launch of the Beetle grandson, VW is now handing in a new basic diesel that makes the hunchbacked brother of the Golf a long-term runner.

4.5 liters per 100 kilometers and a full 55 liter tank – that’s how you get from Frankfurt to Lisbon with the Beetle without stopping. At least that’s what the developers promise. However, you have to dig deep into your pocket for this: where the equally powerful basic gasoline engine is already available for 16,950 euros, the smallest diesel is in the list at 19,375 euros.

VW installs a 105 hp engine in the Knauser Beetle

In the Knauser Beetle, VW installs a 1.6-liter TDI engine with 105 hp under the semicircular hood. The four-cylinder growls loudly and audibly and thus comes closer to the old boxer sound than expected, but it has a solid 250 Newton meters.

At least in city traffic, the little Beetle is quick to get to grips with, you can get away quickly at the traffic lights and easily swim with the traffic. Beyond the place-name sign, however, it becomes a little more leisurely, as it takes 11.5 seconds to reach 100 km / h.

That’s how long you need if you want to accelerate quickly from 80 to 120 while overtaking. But once the car is in good shape, it also cuts a fine figure on the country trip, and with a little patience it can even reach a speed limit of 180 on the autobahn. Then, however, you long for a sixth gear, which VW has saved for the entry-level model.

Another gasoline engine has an output of 160 hp

But Lower Saxony doesn’t just have savers in mind. With the gasoline engines, VW is now stepping up again and filling the gap between the 105 hp 1.2-liter at the base and the 2.0-liter GTI engine with 200 hp. The new engine, also a four-cylinder, is available for 19,825 euros.

The engine has 1.4 liters displacement, goes to work with 160 hp and 240 Newton meters and rolls the cuddle ball to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds. The end is at 208 km / h, and this Beetle 6.6 can be found at the gas station Liters (on average per 100 kilometers).

But it won’t stop with a total of five engines. It has long been agreed that the Beetle will also be available as an athlete and that the IAA study with 270 hp will not remain a one-off. For this, too, the Lower Saxony have already excavated a Bonmont from the Beetle era: "Flower power". Whereby the Beetle should then probably offer more power than Flower.

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