VW: Big recall! Doors can open while driving

More than 200.000 vehicles affected

Big VW recall! Doors can open while driving

VW: Big recall! Doors can open while driving-open
VW Upon request, Abt will equip the T6 (Caravelle, van and station wagon with a long wheelbase) with the technology of the e-Golf

With more than 200 worldwide.000 VW T6 model buses have potentially dangerous door locking problems. So there’s a big recall going on now.

For links on this page, the site may receive. a commission from the dealer, e.g.B. for marked. More infoIn a frosty environment there is a risk that "the doors may open unexpectedly while driving", according to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). According to the Flensburg authorities, they are now monitoring a recall, so there are probably almost 67 in Germany.400 vehicles affected. Incidents with property damage or injured persons are not yet known."At temperatures below freezing point, the ingress of water can impair the door locking mechanism and result in the door lock appearing to be locked", the KBA justified the campaign. It is about T6 copies from the years of construction 2019 to 2021. With them, the so-called Bowden cables, which also control the door closing function, are to be replaced.

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VW: The first recalls have already started – colder countries first

The first recalls have already started and are staggered by market, said a spokesman for light commercial vehicles in the VW Group (VWN) on Thursday morning. It started in countries with colder weather such as Russia or the Scandinavian countries, most recently Central Europe was added, Southern Europe will follow.The covering of the Bowden coaches is probably not properly sealed – so it could occur in the formation of ice cream formation for freezing the mechanics. Because the T6 are still quite new and usually have a service guarantee, one calculate with a quick solution to the problem in the workshops.

VW: Big recall! Doors can open while driving-driving

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8 thoughts on “VW: Big recall! Doors can open while driving”

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    VW: Big recall! Doors can open while driving-driving

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  2. That’s how it looks !
    It doesn’t really matter whether this affects VW or others. That’s currently the case at VW … well into the general picture. I used to drive a few, that’s definitely over for years. Price-performance underground and quality does not fit either. They still feed on the old ones "I’ve always driven VW" drivers and from leasing, rental companies and company cars. With their new orientation in D with no alternative, it will certainly not get any better…..

  3. Same problem with T5 bus years ago?
    The problem seems to repeat itself, if the T5 buses with electric doors didn’t have the same problem 15 years ago? Didn’t learn anything from the mistakes?

  4. no
    There were problems with the electric doors, but those were the sliding doors and as you’ve already discovered, it was an electronic problem

  5. Passat same problem
    Does the exchange also apply to my Passat BJ 2014? The doors don’t open while you’re driving, but you can’t even close them when it’s below zero. Last winter I also turned on the car once and then got out to scrape the windows, windows were then clear, but the door lock was apparently iced up and could no longer be opened from the outside, then sat for half an hour next to my running vehicle until it was up to speed running heating the lock had finally thawed…Then, of course, I was way too late for my appointment.

  6. Complete agreement !
    There were possibly. the previously customary test drives in wintry northern Finland were canceled for cost reasons? It doesn’t matter, the customer is now the test driver. Now it becomes clear why VW does not give a 7-year guarantee, such as e.g. B. a Korean seller. Such companies live on the reputation of the former German quality until nothing works anymore.

  7. who
    According to the statements by Diess, the idea of ​​buying a vehicle from this fraud company no longer has all the L…at the fence. Because of Volkswagen

  8. Fraud company, hm others have not
    get caught who were "smarter". It must have been clear to everyone (including the KBA, the inspectors and organizations) that with the exhaust gas cleaning technology of the time and the trimming for consumption and low CO2 emissions, the extremely low exhaust gas limit values in the NOx area could not be maintained over the long term. Foreign manufacturers sometimes had even worse values, but nothing happened there…


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