VW & Bosch wants to industrialize manufacturing processes for battery cells

VW & Bosch wants to industrialize manufacturing processes for battery cells-wants

The Volkswagen Group and Bosch have signed a letter of intent (Memorandum of Understanding) to examine the establishment of a European provider for the equipment of battery cell factories. According to both companies, according to a current message, to deliver integrated battery production systems, as well as to support battery cell and system manufacturers during workload and maintenance.

The two German companies therefore strive for the cost and technology leadership in the industrialization of battery technology and production of sustainable, state-of-the-art batteries. The planned “local for local” production approach is an important step on the way to CO2-neutral mobility. In Europe alone, the Volkswagen Group plans to build six giga factories until 2030.

Volkswagen and Bosch are now found a project house to explore industrialization solutions for battery production in Europe. The corresponding Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Thomas Schmall, Technik Board of the Volkswagen Group and CEO of Volkswagen Group Components, and Rolf Najork, member of the Management Board of Robert Bosch GmbH and Chairman of Bosch Rexroth’s management.

The aim of the companies is to provide the entire spectrum of processes and components required for the production of battery cells and systems on a large scale. The industry’s demand is enormous: in Europe alone, various companies plan to 2030 battery cell factories with an annual total capacity of around 700 gigawatt hours.

For both partners, cooperation would be another step to leading roles in e-mobility. The partnership is based on complementary expertise: While Volkswagen is one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers on the way to become a significant battery cell manufacturer, Bosch has a lot of know-how in factory automation and system integration.

“Europe has the unique opportunity to become a global power of batteries in the coming years. There is a strong and growing demand for all aspects of battery production, including the equipment of new Gigafactories. Volkswagen and Bosch losing the opportunities to develop and design these upcoming multi-billion industry in Europe. From the decision to actively enter the vertical integration along the value chain of battery production, there are significant new business opportunities. We are working to build a fully localized European supply chain for e-mobility, made in Europe ‘- a historical opportunity in the economic history.”- Thomas Schmall, Management Board Technique Volkswagen Group

Bosch Managing Director Rolf Najork explained, now to seek together with Volkswagen after a way, to industrialize production processes for battery cells with standardized equipment. The multiconzern offers the best prerequisites: “Bosch is not only one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, but also one of the leading factory supplies. We understand the battery technology and have the know-how to manufacture them. With more than 135 years of experience in the automotive sector and our designated industrialization skills, we want to serve the growing demand for batteries “. The European industry has the potential to become a technology driver for the ecological conversion of the economy.

Both partners have set up the project house with the goal of preparing a company until the end of 2022.

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  2. So the battery cells have been manufactured in hand??? No wonder the e-car currently so expensive if everything is handmade instead of industrial and in an industrial location!


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