VW boss this already on the siding?

VW boss this already on the siding?-already

Volkswagen Group Chief Herbert This has no easy stand these days. With the works council, there is between for a statement for job reduction, more precisely, it has been quite wild in the VW Group since then. This leads to the fact that VW boss Herbert was not present at a meeting of the peaks of the Supervisory Board last week. Not surprising, it was about the whereabouts of his person at VW.

At least it could be heard after the a good four-hour meeting that an approximation was in sight. But until the final decision is further open, who should lead the company in the future. Of course, only that different opinions bounce hard. Are represented in the body Hans Michel Piëch and Wolfgang Porsche and Lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) as sent to the major shareholders. At worker side, works council Daniela Cavallo and IG Metal Boss JOrg Hofmann at the table. Just de employee representatives, however, take a piece of piece from this side.

Currently these conflicts do not seem to disturb the daily business. But in the long term, it is certainly not conducive to the store that the CEO is worked over. As the Handelsblatt reports, this is concrete about investment planning for the coming years, which is always driven forward in November. Because then the Supervisory Board falls the decision in which work which models should be built. If a location is empty for future-proof models longer, this usually attracts a job reduction.

How the Handelsblatt wants to learn from group circles is Herbert this in the current year at the planning round as a central figure is not in focus. The talks with the works councils largely led the bosses of the individual brands as well as Oliver Flower as the Executive Board for Production and Human Resources Officer Gunnar Kilian. According to reports, this is informed about the consultations on the occupancy of the works in about Hanover, Neckarsulm, Wolfsburg and other regions. Involved directly, he was not in the respective negotiations usually, it was said in corporate circles.

What is due to the fact that this is only then install when something in the operating business did not go properly. Rather, he uses his energy to devote themselves to higher-level technology topics. Official comments from the side of VW, the country and the works council remain. Only a spokesman for the Porsche / Piëch family repeated that this is behind the VW boss. The isolation of the board leader also takes the planning for a new preparation of the Executive Board, according to insiders from the Group. At least three positions the body should be changed. News should be new to IT. VW brand chief Brandstatter is to move up to the consolidated board. Legal Resources Hiltrud Werner will soften for a candidate from the company, it was said. However, the considerations of the Board Conversion are not decided. The situation remains exciting.

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5 thoughts on “VW boss this already on the siding?”

  1. Quote from the text: “Currently these disputes do not seem to disturb the day-to-day business.”

    At VW there is currently day-to-day business? Really? I do not notice anything about that as a customer. Confirmed delivery dates are not complied with, replacement dates are not to get, no communication, no substitute mobility. If VW is doing the same way, you will not only die for me soon.

  2. I just hope that VW does not virtue the electric branch on which the future profit fruits are growing.

    In the production of electric cars, fewer employees are simply needed, which should also understand the works council and do not stop against the future in the automotive industry, otherwise Vw takes the way that many well-known companies already went.

    Wikipedia – Former car manufacturer (Germany)

    (Note: An endless long list of multiple pages with 549 company names)

    >> DE.Wikipedia.org / wiki / Category: Former_PKW manufacturer_ (Germany)

    Tip for job search: Tesla still needs employees – even if there is no workers paradise.

  3. Is really not just at the time at Volkswagen. But the this story is so serious not to see. That at positions the families always have a say, VW is unfortunately not changed.

    That the Prime Minister, who unfortunately has the company and voice through the VW Law and voice, is an absolute C candidate who has not noticed at all, which the bells ring is more likely to be a topic. But there are also opportunities: in the workforce, however, there seems to give hard headwind for the hardcore IG metal henchmen. That’s never possible. It shows that many employees remember, Herbert this is on the right course and in the parent plant in Wolfsburg and in Middle Management has to change something.

  4. At VW, Germany is currently playing as a car location with the future. Mr. This has completely recognized that, for its sustainability, an innovation dynamics are needed, which is not approximately achieved in this sustainable, patriarchal company. The flop of the ID vehicles in China (for the “immainted sales personnel” is primarily responsible for my firm conviction) has led vw painfully that today it is absolutely no longer sufficient to deliver very good hardware; Rather, not only is the Asians today beyond mature software, say IT networking of vehicles. The German and European manufacturers are fallen back worldwide behind Asia and America if this development residue, which is alleged for approximately compared to Tesla, is not at least reduced with all its strength – by catching up or even overtaking here can not be mentioned anyway. What the Lord has pronounced this, many have come across the head, but it was the relentless truth!


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